Top 7 Best Microphones for youtube  2019 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Top 7 Best Microphones for youtube 2019 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Do you want a great experience on YouTube and share it with your friends and the whole wide world? Do you want to become a successful YouTube vlogger and make your YouTube channel one of the best channels out there?

best Microphones for youtube

If you're just getting started, then you will need to search for the right equipment to make your videos stand out. And that is not possible without finding the best microphone choice that modern technology has to offer! Imagine, just how much your channel subscribers and video ratings would increase if you knew which microphone would offer the best sound quality to your videos. Of course, good sound quality would make your audience very pleased and happy and you'd be able to set a new record to your views, likes and YouTube subscribers !

So what microphones do youtubers use and which microphone will be your champion by the end of the day ? Let's see and start with a few examples.

Guide Steps

Here are a few guide steps to which type of microphones you should be using on YouTube: first of all we have the unidirectional microphones. The most common

unidirectional microphone is the cardioid. Do you want to eliminate any kind of unwanted noise like footsteps in the kitchen, crying babies or children quarrels from outside your bedroom window? These microphones record sound coming from only one direction and they are designed especially for speech.

If you don't want a low quality sound recorder coming from a built-in camera microphone, which you should avoid at all costs, then this is what you need. The unidirectional is the top rated microphone for youtubers.

Camera microphones are not professional because they are omnidirectional, meaning they record every single sound of movement, of breathing and air coming from every direction while the sound around you can get louder than your voice and become distorted. So never trust built-in mics !

Now that we've established you should be using a unidirectional microphone, there are still more types of microphones to be explored. Let's find the best one

Different type of Microphones for YOUTUBE


If you don't feel very comfortable always using a static type of microphone, you can try using a condenser microphone which comes in two forms: microphones which have the form of a clip that you can easily attach to your clothing; even though they are omnidirectional, you can keep them close to your mouth which makes the environmental sound easy to suppress this way, and then there is the shotgun microphones which have a tube shape design to capture sound and which reject sound waves coming from all directions. These are the best microphones for long distance recording and fall into the category of the good microphone for gamers.

The best microphones for YouTube gaming

We've seen which are the best microphones for speech recording and for music, now let's see more about what are the best microphones for your youtube gaming.

Usually for gaming you can use an audio interface to connect your external microphone to your computer and use headphones instead of a headset and it will work just as well but you can't use the cheapest headphones and microphone and expect to be ahead of the game, you will need top gear if you want to compete at a high level.

The best microphones for YouTube commentary

The best microphones for YouTube commentary

Interested to start your activity on YouTube commentary? Be sure you will be needing the best type of microphones out there. What are microphones after all? They are transducers, electrical devices that turn sound, acoustical energy and audio signals into electrical energy. When the diaphragm is hit by sound waves, it vibrates and produces vibrations which vary based on the air pressure and which turn into electrical energy.

Each microphone is different one from the other because each and every one of them has different frequency responses and they each have their own particular way of turning sounds into signals. That is why it's very important to know the exact purpose you are using a microphone for and which type of microphone it is that you're using.

7 The best microphone for Youtube videos!

Microphones are an important tool in making great youtube videos and if you have a perfect sound then you will rapidly start measuring your online progress and be able to convince yourself how much it really actually matters to have one of the best microphone for vloggers and you will see how your personal evolution depends on the quality of the products you use and a microphone is one of those items that should never be missing from your computer desk when you want to become a professional youtube vlogger or you simply want to have one of the best youtube channels from all the youtube channels out there. Having one a good microphone will help you grow and experience with sound in ways you've never experienced back then when you didn't have a professional mike to rely on.

Blue Yeti Microphone is one of the best microphones you will find on the market. It has 3 condenser capsules that can record almost anything, a multiple pattern selection which allows you to switch sound modes between omnidirectional, cardioid, bidirectional, l and stereo and it comes with volume control for headphones, headphone output and mute options. This is a USB condenser microphone and it's one of the best on the market because of its wide options.


  • You can for example adjust its sensitivity with the gain control if you are experiencing external noise that is interfering with your sound quality, and all the additional options help you podcast
  • Do voiceovers, interviews, record yourself while singing and playing instruments and all you have to do is simply plug it into your computer and start recording.
  • The rich sound has good quality depth and detail and it has a THX certification which is based on tests for frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio, and it also has a weighted base that holds the microphone fixed when you are recording.
  • it has the best reasonable price for the best quality you can get out of a USB microphone.

The bad

  • The only disadvantages it has would be the fact that it's very large, the giant size makes this microphone live up to its name "Yeti" and it can be inconvenient for portable use
  • The metal material that it is build of gives it a classy retro appearance, the buttons and knobs integrated inside it are made out of cheap plastic and can make you feel uneasy while worrying they could break if you're not careful enough.
  • Another disadvantage would be the fact that being a static microphone you don't exactly have all the freedom of movement, and if you want a pop filter, you will have to buy it separately.

All in all, there are no major disadvantages to this product and compared to other USB microphones it has a lot more options to help creating the best videos ever and it's easy to use, you can't fail with a Blue Yeti and as a product which serves as one of the best microphones for recording Youtube videos with its high audio resolution, it is indeed the best budget microphone for streaming. Just try the quality and see for yourself! I guarantee you won't feel disappointed.

Blue Snowball USB condenser microphone is a low priced microphone which has a cardioid and omnidirectional sound pattern and comes in different colors to match your personal preferences. The advantage of its price is that any starter in the art of vlogging and video editing can afford it. It has a quality sound that is clean and its simple ball shaped design along with its smaller size makes it the best fit for your desk table. It comes with three modes of recording styles like cardioid, cardioid -10dB, and omnidirectional, and it also has the possibility of stereo sound thanks to the sonic flexibility from its two microphone capsules.

The Good

  • Blue Snowball is reliable and affordable and while it might not be most advanced microphone on the market, it can still be labeled as semi-professional.
  • t's simple, yet flexible design can allow you to podcast and record speech in cardioid mode, to record live and loud music in cardioid -10dB mode, and to capture ambient noise and group voices with the two stereo microphones, and it works perfectly for voiceovers, podcasting,
  • on web chats and Skype and it's also a very stylish looking microphone and serves your personal uses and it can deliver good results while working on your youtube videos because it's still one of the best microphones for youtube videos.

The bad

  • It's not a highly professional microphone, so you can't expect to be generating many and different various sound effects as it supports only 44.1 kHz / 16-bit digital output with no traditional analog mixing,
  • it's not a studio microphone, and it could use some more work in improving its quality and choice of options.

If you are looking for a microphone to suit your personal needs for recording acoustic instruments and for web chatting and still be able to capture a clear sound on the details whether you're listening to a rain storm and recording the rain drops, thunder and lightning or you're simply dining with your friends at the table, then Blue Snowball is the perfect microphone for you. It's simplicity has more advantages than disadvantages if you aren't looking to perform a professional studio recording activity and you intend to use it for most general purposes which could also include youtube gaming and commentary.

Audio-Technica A2020 USB cardioid condenser microphones is one of the best microphones for recording youtube videos because even though it has only the cardioid sound pattern available, it has a very good sensitivity which makes it the best microphone for vlogging and podcasting. The features it comes with are the A/D high quality converter with 16 bit, 44.1/48 kHz, the headphone jack for volume controls and also a mix control which allows you to combine your microphone signal with pre-recorded audio and also, a high-output internal headphone amplifier which helps with music sound details and better clarity. It is designed to capture music and acoustic sound and it's perfect for creating a small home studio recording platform.

The Good

  • This microphone will make your vocal range sound very cool and clean as it offers you a very good cardioid condenser pattern to work with and if you also add a preamp or compressor plug-in to it, your vocal sound will reach the level of outstanding
  • It comes with a cable, a stand and a filter and it features a 16 mm low-mass diaphragm with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, 144dB SPL handling, with a big bass extension and its the best microphone for youtube commentary.
  • It is no doubt one of the best microphones for youtube gaming as well and one of the most recommended microphones for youtube videos.

The Bad

  • When it comes to this microphone, there aren't many bad traits about it just maybe some minor ones like the fact that it has no mute switch
  • No headphones output or volume control and it doesn't come with a shock mount.


I would advice you to go for it ! It's one of those rare microphones which even if they are affordable and seem to have a cheap price, their quality is literally something else. This crisp sounding microphone is used both by starters and professionals alike in homes and professional studios with amazing results, not to mention its very stylish! If you're looking for the best microphone for youtubers you have definitely found one here.

Are you tired of taking notes with a simple pencil on paper at the University college classes ? If that's how you feel then you're in luck ! This amazing little digital recorder allows you to record interviews, live concerts, band rehearsals, lectures, meetings, songs and anything else you need with just a small simple click on the button. This recorder has a built-in stereo microphone, it's very lightweight, solid, and uses a single AA alkaline battery that lasts up to 10 hours.

The Good

  • This recorder comes with a set of two matched unidirectional microphones facing each other at 90 degrees and it's perfect for capturing high definition stereo recordings from your surroundings.
  • Another advantage is that it has a headphones output with a volume control and you can plug in headphones and its small size allows you to simply hide it in your pocket when you need to.
  • You can use it everywhere you like to record live performances, conferences and in journalism and it's easy to use by looking on the backlit display where you can see all the recording levels, file format, time elapsed, battery life and recording time.
  • Now you won't want to get separated from your new little friend and will want to carry it with you every day.

The Bad

  • The recorder isn't able to cancel to ambient sounds even if it has a unidirectional pattern because the two matched microphones are facing opposite directions and capture sounds coming from everywhere.


Despite the fact that it can't avoid and shut out all the sound distortion coming from ambient noise, it does have many more advantages for a microphone recorder and it's well worth it because it's practical and comfortable to carry around at a very reasonable price. It still provides the best quality sound by capturing all the details with sharp clarity and it can prove out to be one of the best microphones you ever needed to use.

This Smartphone microphone has one of the best sound quality at the most affordable price and is the best microphone for youtubers who are looking for something less pricey but quality based. It is a miracle sound microphone and its earned its name allowing you to create audio and video files on your phone and tablet while giving you a variety of editing options based on multiple features as omnidirectional pattern which will allow you to record in public spaces, near a group of people if you want to make a video with friends at college or just with your family at home, when you have birthday celebrations, or when you simply go on a vacation in the wild.

The Good

  • One of this microphone's advantages is that it offers multiple compatibility and can be used with phones like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Smartphones, tablets and many more.
  • When purchasing it you receive a deluxe case, a wind muff, a lapel clip that enables you to be hands free and a very long cord.

The Bad

  • You can't use it to record really high volume sounds in the shortest proximity because of the sensitivity it has and you have to keep it at a minimal distance from your mouth
  • Sometimes can be inconvenient and the omnidirectional pattern can cause more noise and disruptions if your microphone is not held at the right angle in the right direction.


It is worth having your sound improved while you get to enjoy the fun experience of making amazing videos on your phone with hands free and if you ever want to post your videos directly on your YouTube channel, you will have to make sure you have the best microphone for youtubers connected to your phone, and you will soon benefit from all the satisfaction it has to offer you. There's nothing to hesitate about as you could surely use one of these smart microphones in your phone for the greater quality you deserve!

Rode VMGO Video Mic is a camera microphone with light weight design, hard wearing, Rycote Lyre shock mount and quality isolation from vibrations and ambient disrupting noise. It doesn't use any battery but only a plug-and-play system and it offers you a supercardioid shotgun microphone, which is one of the best microphone for youtubers because of picking up the sounds from the back while rejecting sounds from other directions.

The Good

  • This VideoMic Go microphone is one of the best microphones for youtubers since it's widely used by videographers and professional filmmakers.
  • It's a high quality directional microphone and if you're looking for sound quality that will help your video become one of the best, then you found it.
  • One advantage is also that you can use it with your iPhone and iPad.

The Bad

  • You need a camera that will supply plug-in power to a 3.5mm audio input jack or otherwise it won't work and it is not compatible with Nikon D7000 camcorders.
  • While the microphone provides the best quality for an external mike, it's best if the subject you are filming doesn't stand too far from the camera and its microphone
  • The closer the better as the sound quality is always higher for a speech recording when the voice isn't being recorded from a big distance.

Conclusion :

You want to go in the adventures of the world outside and dedicate your time filming new and exciting, challenging video projects ? Then you know as well as I do that no matter how good your image will be, without the perfect corresponding sound quality, your whole production will fail. That is why, this microphone is one of the best microphones for youtube videos and any kind of personal creative videos that you want to share with your family and friends and feel proud of. This product has been a long time on the market and has made very good sales among the amateurs and professionals alike thanks to all the options it has to offer to make filming and editing your videos the most enjoyable work and hobbies ever.

The VMPR VideoMic Pro is a condenser shotgun camera microphone which is highly used and appreciated among people who use camcorders and DSLR cameras along with portable audio recorders.

Wouldn't you like to go to a Bonfire party and get all those sound details clearly recorded on you cam ? then this is the right kind of microphone you should use.

The VideoMic Pro functions on battery power and can last up to 70 hours of recording based on a single 9V battery.

The Good

  • All surrounding sounds and noises both external and internal are supressed and rejected while you can record free of any worries the subject that is right in front of you.
  • The level settings allow you to amplify or soften the recording sound as you wish and the microphone is best designed for close approach recording, for live concerts and loud settings.
  • Another advantage would be that it's very lightweight with a small and modern design and you can carry it with you anywhere you feel like filming and recording.

The Good

  • You will have to film the subject of your interest not very far away from the microphone because the recording tends to lose the volume and clarity it otherwise has when the speaker doesn't stand at a distance that the microphone can't cover to record sound.

Some More Important Things to Consider to buy a Microphones for your Gaming and Youtube Commentary

Music microphones for YouTube video recording of songs

And speaking of music, you might wanna consider finding a special microphone for your youtube music videos recording. One of the best microphones for youtube recording when it comes to music are condenser microphones that come with a varied range of diaphragm size and sound pressure handling. The sound pressure level should be a maximum one if you want to use amplifiers and you should also test your microphone polar patterns which show you how your mike picks up sound. The best patterns are as I mentioned earlier, the cardioid ones, because they capture the sound from in front while blocking everything else from the other directions, so you won't have to worry about ambient noise anymore. These microphones are used in music at karaoke, live performances and concerts. The hyper cardioid microphones are even better in isolating external noise and in suppressing feedback. You want your mike to be the best microphone for youtubers ? Consider this as an option. When you choose a music microphone for your youtube music video recording, it's also important to choose a microphone with the right diaphragm. The diaphragm of your microphone establishes your mike's dynamic range, sensitivity, internal noise level and sound pressure level handling. There are mikes with small diaphragm also known as pencil microphones and they can handle higher pressure levels and have a wider dynamic range, so if you want to record a video where you're playing your acoustic guitar this is the mike for you. The mikes with medium diaphragm are a combination between small and large diaphragms with a fuller and more warm sound and the mikes with a large diaphragm can capture more air vibrations which allow the sound to be faithfully reproduced in a more natural way; these are used in most recordings and are also found in most USB microphones and this would make the best microphone for youtubers when singing and recording.

Another difference between microphones is the one between condenser and dynamic microphones. For example you are recording a music video and you are playing the guitar and you need a more studio kind of sound to your video, then having a condenser microphone will offer you that as well as a much higher and brighter frequency range; if however, you are only recording yourself speaking and you want a more radio kind of sound in your video, then having a dynamic microphone, which has a lower frequency range and which makes your voice sound warmer, will help you do the trick.

Ideal microphone shape and price for youtube videos

Another aspect about choosing your ideal microphone as your best microphone for youtubers would obviously be their aesthetic form which has an impact on people at first sight as many people fall in love with the microphones which they find most appealing.

If you have an attractive microphone with a personalized unique design and color and you use it in your videos to give more diversity to your video image, then you can be sure you will be able to impress the audience and attract more people who admire you.

Are you more clear on what is the best microphone for youtubers now ? Well, I'm certain that so far you got an idea about what mikes are the best microphones for youtubers and what exactly does it mean to own a dandy microphone that is not only appealing but is also a high level class, top notch sound magic device.

Sound is as equally important as the video image is. Everytime you will have a message to express in front of your youtube channel subscribers and fans from all around the world, you will be using the power of sound, the power of your words and your voice, and if the sound of your video will not be as brilliant as your video image and will be distorted or lacking in accuracy, you will have only half of the quality your videos deserve in order to satisfy the audience and be fully appreciated by the public.

The best microphone for youtubers will not always have to be very pricey either.

A top quality microphone doesn't always have to be the most expensive but if you follow the basic guide lines you will be able to afford making the right choice in the right place and produce outstanding results. Choosing the best microphone for youtube commentary means that when you are working on your youtube commentary you will be able to enjoy it because you will have the confidence of technological success by your side and this will ensure more than half of your online overall success, that is what the best microphone for youtubers will do for you. When you will be competing and chatting with your friends in a strategy game, you will be able to fully concentrate on the winning because you know you have nothing to worry about, you have the best microphone for youtube gaming and you're ahead of the game! and when you want to record yourself in a video and you want everyone to hear your speech, you will make a great impression and have the heavy impact you wish to have on your listeners because you have one of the best microphones for recording youtube videos! Is it worth investing in microphones in order to have the best public success when you expose yourself to the world at large ? Of course it is ! the best microphone for youtubers will greatly help you to achieve status in the youtube community and among your followers.

Conclusion :

This microphone is an upgrade for all the other basic versions of this camera microphone line products and the upgrade consists in higher sound quality that comes with a greater sensitivity and better filer settings and switch options. It does a fine work in a long line of upgraded products and it's highly appreciated by both professionals and enthusiastic people at an affordable price. If you want to have an ultralight camera microphone with mount shock protection from vibrations that could affect your sound, and if you want to catch the exact sound that your video is in need for and not have to trouble about an overload of noise and rumbling, then this is the perfect microphone for you !

All microphones may seem to have pros and cons including the professional ones if you don't know what they are good for but each microphone serves the specific purpose it was built for so before you jump to conclusions it's best to take your time and evaluate the various and specific options that a certain microphone has to offer you before you actually end up buying it. The best microphone for youtubers is just around the corner.

All is well when you end up in your hands with the perfect microphone, the best microphone for youtubers that will faithfully capture the sound of your voice when you record yourself speaking, therefore do your best to find it, test it and take it home with you, it's all you need to have to complete the mastery of your craft!

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