Top 15 Good Video Editing Software for Youtube – All Time Favorite List

Once you have decided to start a YouTube channel you need to make a solid planning. Good Video Editing Software for YouTubeDefinitely, it is worth to take some extra time to edit your videos. You cannot be a successful YouTuber unless you do some editing to your videos. These are so many good video editing software for YouTube videos. Yet, it is not what video editor you choose but how you use it. Once you know your video editing software, you will be able to edit your videos in less time.

Well, one question may bother us all before we need to know about good video editing software for YouTube, that is Do we all know what does YouTube mean? Here is the answer.

Short History of YouTube

YouTube abbreviated as YT. While YouTube offers billions of people to discover, watch and share their originally-created videos. Consequently, YouTube provides a forum for people to connect and inform as well as inspires people across the world. YouTube users can leave rate or comments about the uploaded video. They can also post a YouTube video response. All uploaded YouTube videos are converted to Adobe Flash files. As a result, it enables all users to view the videos without having to worry about getting extra software or plug-ins.

Nowadays YouTube becomes both an archive for storing favorite clips, songs, and jokes. While Companies are using it as a marketing site to promote their products.

Features & Benefits of YouTube

  • First of all, you can create an account to share videos with a time limit of 15 minutes with your friends and family.
  • But if you follow steps to verify your account you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes.
  • If you want, you can restrict your videos with YouTube privacy option.
  • It has also the edit facility to create your video with music and other features
  • Most noteworthy, YouTube enables you to Catch up with programs that you have missed via some channels.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to search the archive for your favorite clips.
  • Enable you to watch a full-length feature film on your computer.
  • Permits you to leave a comment on and rate movies you have watched.

Demerits of YouTube

  • Almost anyone can see the video you post.
  • Most of all, anyone can post a video.
  • Teens are posting violent videos on YouTube.
  • There can be a breach of Copyright issues.
  • Some post the explicit videos.
  • Violate the privacy issues.
  • To some extent, there is animal abuse in the video.
  • People leave comments on your videos that are rude, vulgar and spam.


Video Editing Software

Seems like, Hollywood was the only option to master the art of fine video editing. Then some computer software like Final Cut Pro opened the door for young video makers to craft their masterpieces on their PC.

GoPro Cameras have so many features nowadays that makes it the first choice for every action camera lover. A good editing software that can work with perfection with GoPro videos is equally important. Hence it enables to develop some customized videos. Although few advanced ones are available with a little payment, but many of these Good Video Editing Software for YouTube are still available for free. So you can choose your selections out of these three levels of editing software for GoPro videos:

  • Beginners Level Editing
    • GoPro Studio (Mac & PC)
    • Quick for Desktop (Mac & PC)
    • iMovie (Mac)
    • Windows Movie Maker(PC)
    • Pinnacle Studio (PC) – with pay
  • Intermediate Level Editing
    • Wondershare Filmora (Mac & PC)– with pay
    • Magix Movie Edit Pro (PC)
  • Experts Level Editing
    • Adobe Premiere Elements (Mac & PC) – with pay
    • Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac & PC) – with pay
    • Sony Catalyst Production Suite (Mac & PC) – with pay
    • Final Cut Pro (Mac) – with pay
    • Camtasia Studio (Mac & PC) -with pay


Video-Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

In fact, there is a full scope of editing options available on computer software. But young video makers don’t have to confine themselves to a Desktop PC. Because video editing app on your smartphone can give you a good chance to shoot and craft short documentary video within minutes from almost anywhere in the world. Simply pick the clips, photos, and the soundtrack from your phone’s archives and it will let you create a masterpiece on the fly. Consequently, it is impressive that you can easily create and post a movie with some video editing apps.

Recommended Video Editing App for Your Smartphone

Magisto (iOS & Android)

Magisto is the easiest app to use with a smartphone, although you cannot do many manual edits. Yet it generates videos that are fun to watch. Then you can just upload your video to your favorite social media site.

Adobe Premiere Clip (iOS & Android)

The Adobe Premiere Clip app has two good options: Automatic or Freeform.

  • Automatic Setting: Automatic setting generates any video for you. It also synchronizes the pace of the footage to the beat of your soundtrack. Hence if you want, you can change the pacing, the soundtrack, or the order of the clips.
  • Freeform Setting: You can trim the clips, add titles, apply filters, and also adjust the volume with Freeform settings. So if you like to slow the motion of individual video clips and again edit them, use the slider controls marked Highlights, Exposure, and Shadows. But you can’t speed up the clips. Hence you get only the Crossfade effect which is one way to transition from scene to scene


Apple iMovie (IOS)

  • iMovie grants you do some granular edits. So you have the choice to expand or trim the length of each scene to get the effect you want. Consequently, you can place your video, photos, and music clips onto a virtual timeline.
  • iMovie’s can create a Hollywood-like trailer. For that, you can use one of 14 templates based on themes like “Scary” and “Romance.”
  • It has a wide selection of soundtracks and transition tools that will help you stitch things together.

GoPro Splice (IOS)

  • GoPro Splice offers a bit more manual editing options that come with iMovie. Hence it has a few cool extras, including the ability to adjust the duration of the picture animations and the ability to choose different background colors.
  • Using default settings, you can shorten or lengthen clips, change transitions, or tweak the animation effects.
  • Since it has a wide variety of soundtracks, it will allow you to add a second track to your project if you want to introduce narration.
  • Using multiple audio tracks in GoPro Splice is much easier than iMovie.

Common Input & Output Formats for Good Video Editing Software forYouTube

  • Common Input Formats Available in The Video Editing Software
    • It Imports Images in the form of jpg,bmp, png,gif,tif and more.
    • Importing Video formats are wmv,avi,mpg,mpeg, 3gp, mts, divx, Xvid,vob, mov, mp4, ogm, RM, H.264 and more.
    • It can Import Audio in the form of wav, wma, mp3, mp4, m4a, mid, aac, au, aiff, flac, ogg, dvt, raw, vox and more.
  • Common output formats available in the video editing software

It can also upload your videos online from your PC or Mac to YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or Flickr.

  • You can burn your CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs or Blu-rays.
  • Enables you to Export your Video Files in wmv, avi, mpg, 3gp, mov, mp4, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Mobile Phones or even YouTube formats.

Key Features for Good Video Editing Software for YouTube

  • Editing Tools
    • Almost all good video editing software for YouTube help you blend your footage, audio clips and along with images to create new and unique videos.
    • Hence Good Video editing software for YouTube doubles as video effects software.
    • While timelines, transitions,storyboards, titles,effects and audio editing are the most common features.
  • Ease of Use
    • Good video editing for YouTube has an easy or basic mode for beginners.
    • Since making easy video editing depends on the availability of basic themes and templates.
    • Seems like some video editing software simply goes beyond beginner modes and makes the process easier.
  • Sharing Options
    • Since you have finished your project you are ready to share.
    • Good video editing software for YouTube easily export your video to popular file formats.
    • In fact, the software has preset for each format.
    • However, there is no reason to export it to more than seven or eight of the most common formats.
  • Help & Support
    • Since you have limited experience, no matter how easy your video clip editors are, you may seek help.
    • That support must come in the form of online chat, FAQs, a knowledgebase or free tutorials.

Final Words

Consequently, you can rely on simple video-editing software for years and be perfectly happy. Apart from evaluating editing tools, ease of use, sharing options, and help and support, we consider the following facts:

  • Usability –Probably, all the above products, we assume, are relatively simple to use for an average user.
  • Timing – Hence you learn our recommended software you would need 10 to 20 minutes to edit 30 seconds of video.
  • Quality – Most noteworthy we expect the output of your finished video would be as crisp and clear as possible.

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