How to get more views on YouTube for free? – A Complete Guide

Every day over 5000 million of videos is viewed on YouTube. How to get more views on YouTube for free?This is a huge number. But the sad thing is not all the videos get a satisfactory number of view. Therefore, it’s a common concern of almost all YouTubers that how to get more views on YouTube for free.

A statistic shows that in every minute over 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. As a result, it’s really hard enough to get a certain amount of view if you don’t follow some rules.

Every day I get numbers of question from the newbie YouTubers in this issue. After a long research and some case study, I have made this guide that will help you to get more view on your YouTube channel.

If you are new in this field or trying to get into this field or even an information seeker who wants to know more about this topic this can be the definitive guide for you.

For the maximum appearance on YouTube, you should follow the following process that will get you the desired result.

Optimizing the Video

You have made a quality video, uploaded it to YouTube. Will you get tons of view?

No. because by this time people search on YouTube to find out their favorite one. The first and foremost t thing is to optimize the video.

Yes, I’m talking about video SEO.

You must follow the following steps to optimize your video for YouTube.

  • Keyword Research

This is the very first stage of optimizing. You have to pick up a suitable keyword that perfectly matches with your video topic. Since YouTube has its own keyword research tool, it’s easy to find out the profitable keyword for your video.

  • Optimizing the Title

For maximum search appearance, you must optimize the title of your video. There are some criteria to optimize the title. First of all, you have to put your keyword into the title. Consequently, it’s better to practice to use the keyword at first if your video title. Another thing you must follow is to keep the title short. Because a case study has found that the shorter title gets the most search appearance.

It’s most noteworthy that you use an appealing title to your video. Because this forces the users to click on your video.

  • Description

A proper description briefly describes your video. A nice description also makes the user feel to click on your video. In addition, it tells YouTube that you are trying to rank for the topic. Furthermore, it’s also a better job to use the keyword in the video description.

  • Tags

They are just like ordinary blog post tags. The helps to find out the definite video that the users want to watch. You can use multiple tags for your video. But, note that never uses a tag that is not relevant to the topic of your video.

  • Thumbnail

This is a common mistake that a newbie YouTuber used to do. They keep the default screen capture after uploading the video. It may seem to be nothing, but believe me doing this is a huge mistake.

For maximum CTR you need to set the most compelling still image in your video. This will create a click impression among the users.

  • Call to Action

Maybe you think that this is just for the affiliate marketers. But you can use this to get more views on YouTube. In one video you could refer the other one. Or you can add upcoming videos portion in your video. This something like internal linking.

Using Transcripts & Annotations

YouTube is a video platform that has a lot of features that help the users to reach the potential viewers.

First of all, you can use captions and transcripts to make your video accessible to the hearing impaired viewers. The caption file includes stamps while the transcripts are just plain stamps. Consequently, this text can be indexed by the search engines. As a result, you will get more search appearance and more view.

Another innovative YouTube feature is using annotations. First of all, it helps you to make more in-depth videos. You can place annotations in the different parts of your video. Therefore, it allows you to change the colors, fonts, and position of them.

Making Playlists

The main view of using a playlist to group your videos. But it can also help you to get more views on YouTube. If you make a public searchable playlist the viewers will be able to reach your video easily. Consequently, you can share your videos through different media easily.

Being a Good Host

Believe me or not, people will get bored if you always make videos about you and your staffs. To be a successful YouTuber you need to be a good host. Therefore, you can call a guest to contribute to your video. This will boost up your views.

Being Responsive

It internet everything and everyone is connected with each other. That is why this is called the web.

It’s true that if you are an active member of this community you will get more appearance than the others. Therefore, you must follow the others in your same industry. You can comment on their videos and make a video as a compliment and share the link.

Getting Subscriber

This is an excellent way that gives the guarantee that your videos will get more views. If somebody is subscribed to your channel he or she will see your videos at the first of homepage. So that this is a great opportunity to have some instant view.

To do this you have to ask people to subscribe to your channel. You can ask people do this at the end of your video. Or can contact any other channel. But first of all, you have to create some great staff so that people spontaneously subscribe to your channel.

Sharing Your Video

Whenever it’s a talk about how to get more views on YouTube for free; sharing is a must. Although YouTube organic search will get you the most of the traffic, sharing will contribute a major part in it. See how you can do it-

  • Mailing Friends, Family & Co-workers

Firstly, you will need to create a mail list of you friends, family and others who may be interested I your video. Then immediately after publishing, you can mail them knowing that you have made a video on the basis of their interest. You can also use your co-workers to let them know that the video you made with them is now live on YouTube.

  • Sharing Through Social Media

After publishing, post your video on all of your social profile that you have joined. This gives you an opportunity to go viral through social media.

To do this easily you can add you google plus profile and twitter account with your YouTube channel.

  • Using Blog or Website

If you have a blog or website, you can use this to market your videos. This will bring two benefits.

  1. Your blog will rankhigher in SERP.
  2. Videos will get more views.

Using Reddit

If you know about Reddit and ask how to get more views on YouTube for free; then you are asking a bullshit question. Reddit can be a goldmine for the YouTubers those who need some potential YouTube viewers to market their videos. So share your video on this platform and see the instant result.

Not only Reddit but also you can use Stumbleupon, dig, Delicious and Formspring.


Creating Great Staffs

Why will people head over your channel while there are millions of another channel?

The answer is for information that no one shares, for entertainment, to find their answer.

Therefore, you will have to create something that fulfills their needs. To do that you will have to conduct a research to find out this answers.

For attractive videos, you have to master video editing. You can use adobe premiere pro to get this done. For maximum quality, you can use attractive sounds or music in your video. In addition, adding text on your video will also fire up your quality.

For maximum appearance, you can put something at the end of your video that will point to the place where they will find you. Furthermore, you can add some bloopers or extra footage. You know people loves to see extra footage. In addition, it increases the watching time. Alternatively, you can add a second video that contains the bloopers. There you can add a link and let them know that if they want to see more they may get it there. Therefore, people will see more of your video and more likely will subscribe to your channel.

As a result, you will get your desired amount of view in your channel.



We have come to the bottom of this guide on how to get more views on YouTube for free. I have mentioned every topic that you must need to follow to become a successful YouTuber. So your next step is to explore all of this and drive into the depth of this platform.

In conclusion, I just want to say that if you can follow this guide nothing can resist you from getting you dreamed result. I’m eagerly waiting to see your great staffs on YouTube soon.

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