How to Get Lots of Subscribers on Youtube fast and free – An In-Depth Analysis


Video content on YouTube has changed the way of marketing. It shapes in such an emerging pulchritude in content marketing that was totally beyond of thoughts. And the way it goes is really awesome. But few concerns are aware of grabbing the tricks for more subscribers and ultimately make their way flamboyant. Likely, to get yourself subscribed more on YouTube is a big concern while you are planning to have a huge response. However, every day most people browse YouTube to watch approximately 5000+ millions of videos for incurring their knowledge and entertainments. Here, if you can reach at least 1% of the viewers, would be a great deal to add some cash in your pocket. Even, Statistics shows about 300 hours of videos uploading in a minute on YouTube. Thus, with a great hope, many of us start sharing different videos on YouTube without having proper guidance and cannot get as many subscribers and likes as we expect. Soon what happens! lose our hopes, feel the dreams, a castle in the air and get rid of. But it’s not the way you think. You have an inquisitive mind. So, what needs you do? You should focus on some constituents to add for more subscribe. Then the question may arise in you, how?

That’s why I am looking forward to assisting you for more subscribers. Let’s have a look. There are some smart ways that will help you to gain more YouTube subscribers.

  1. Planning:

A proverb goes on that a proper plan will make the work half done. So, plan out what channels you are going to create. Secondly, make some structures of the video on how you start following the techniques that have the most subscribers. But you should remember you have to be your own and unique presentation. So, try out highly impressive content. Give proper video description as much as can. The video script will make the video organized and efficient to get on track. You no need to include the unrelated topic as well.

  1. Optimize the Video

You just have completed a quality video then uploaded it. And then, do you think that you will get a thousand of views and likes like the other one? Never. Why? Because people may not search the niche you have chosen or it hasn’t been properly optimized yet. So the case is, you should firstly move on to the thing about SEO optimizing the video.  You should follow the steps now.

  • Keywords Research

To get more subscribers keywords is a fact and it will make you the success ever. So, what will you do? You can take help from the google keyword analytics to choose a suitable keyword without a glitch that suits to your video topic. Though YouTube has keyword research tool of its own, it has been easy to get the money making a keyword for the video.

  • Optimize the Title

Title optimization is very important. You have to optimize about the title of your expected video. First, you need to put the keyword into a title. Hence, try to use the keyword according to your video title. But you should remember about the title to be short.

  • Video Description

Already I have narrated about it. You need to give a proper description about the title of the video in a video description. So write about the video what is about.

  • Meta Tag

Tagging will help to find out the right video the users are interested in watching. You can include multiple numbers of tags for the video. But, don’t use irrelevant tags. Google Keywords Planner will help you getting keywords for your YouTube.

  • Thumbnails

For more subscribers, you need to set up some still images in your video to make it interactive. This’ll definitely create an impression among the users to have a click.

  • Call to Actions

Call to action will create more views on YouTube. Here is the option of your video to refer the others to a link to popup the new videos. This is all about internal linking.

In a short, you can include the possible number of details into the video script: like:

  1. Use particular words about the topic.
  2. Make actions that suit to the video.
  3. Mention the main points needed to stress.
  4. Passively inform about calls to action like: give likes or subscribe to my channel
  5. Try out answering the questions the viewers asked based on their needs.


  1. Customize Your Channel

In order to customize your channel, use a custom background. You have to make out your own brand, logo and custom URL so that the viewers can easily detect you. Mention tapping the notification button for upcoming videos.


  1. Make out a channel trailer

You can create a channel trailer and link it up to the different related FB, Instagram, Twitter groups. The perfect channel trailer would be at best 30 seconds.


  1. Use Tube Buddy

This tool is awesome to promote your video more easily. The free version is ok but the premier version will help you with more organized and will suggest you about the attributes you need for the video promotion.


  1. Video Limit 5 minutes

Actually the best for gigs your YouTube video is only 3 to 5 minutes. And it will help you to optimize your video.


  1. YouTube Intro & Outro

You need to have a better intro and outro to make you unique among shared videos on YouTube. The first impression is a fact to get interested and stay glued about the topic. So, the intro will make your video more attractive to look at. And the outro will make the viewers browse once again for next.



  1. Make a Playlists

The playlist is a categorical expression on how you make segments all on your videos. The playlist is disciplinary arrangements of your videos as well. So, hurry up to make it.


  1. Edit the Video You Need

YouTube editing option is quite helpful to make your video more stunning. You can use zoom magic tool and others to add, cut, transition your video.


  1. Use Live Stream

In order to get live, just get connected to the viewers through a live stream and then read the viewers comments and quarries.


  1. Be expert at Video Editing

You need to have the knowledge in video expert like Camtasia for creating more stunning videos. This video editing software will help you to make any type of video into so super.


  1. End Up with High Note

You can end your video by saying some naturally verbose words so that the viewers get willingly subscribed to your channel.


  1. Share Your Video

You can share your video with your friends, family, and co-workers through email. Share your thoughts on social media and then if any quarries may arise, in order to provide a solution, you can give them your video links. You can use blogs and websites of your own to promote the video.


  1. Use Reddit

You can use Reddit for more views because it will show you how to get more views on YouTube. To get more traffic means to have more subscribe to your channel. No longer have you needed passing the link juice, just be smart, find out the needs of the viewers.



In order to make your channel unique and great, you can follow the above directions. Apply them to your channel. Keep your eyes about new YouTube features by searching the internet, blogs and YouTube official channels. Then YouTube will become more friendly to you and it will add some true smile on your face. This world is innervating with YouTube for more learning. Here is the option you to make some difference. So it is high time to make some tutorials to get conscious to others. After all, build your confidence, and say in your mind the video content you are going to make is something special.

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