How To Receive Payment From YouTube ? Here is The Methods

How To Receive Payment From YouTube ?

Can I earn from YouTube ? Well, the answer is always ‘Yes.’ You need to be patient, especially if you are a beginner as it takes a time to kick-start your earning. Keep Reading our article on How to receive payment from youtube

Ask, how much time does it take? Well, in that case, it depends on the content you produce on your YouTube channel. Making money out of your YouTube channel is not that easy.

It involves promoting your channel on all the social media platforms, gaining more viewer ship and traffic through ads. Also, keep in mind that your post quality videos, that appeals to a broad audience. Furthermore, concentrate on making successful videos maintain an engaging channel. And then protect your products that are something you will have to work out.

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Anyway lets reading again

Why do you Monetize Your Videos?

Before you think how to receive payment from YouTube, you need to monetize the videos after you upload them. This feature allows YouTube to display ads in or on your video. Thus you acknowledge that there are no unmentioned copyright issues on your video.

Get a legit AdSence account and link it to your YouTube channel. You have to give all your personal details such as residential address, bank account no, etc. As long as you abide by copyright rules and fair play, some of the ad revenue will go to you; YouTube will take its share.

But, you need to remember that you will get your payment in cash once your payment supposedly crosses $100. Even that you are not yet allowed choosing the method of payment until your threshold passes $10.

How To Receive Payment From YouTube?

We are in the core section of our content now and over here we are going to discuss about metods of rciveing payments frmo youtube.

Firstly, The payment methods available will vary depending on your location. If you go international, then I would suggest a payment provider who has multiple partners in your region of interest. A Global partner such as PayPal or WebMoney is at the top of my choice. Numerous others are out in the market. Such Payment Providers are Google Wallet, WePay, Stripe, Skrill (before Moneybookers), Payza, Paysera,, Sagepay, Amazon Payments, 2CheckOut, Dwolla etc.

Here we have discussed more on various payment methods from YouTube-

  • Recieveing Payments in Your Adsense Account

As you start monetizing your YouTube channel or individual videos, you should associate your adsense account with it. In fact, this is the most prefered way to monetize a YouTube channel rather than any other ad network.

  • Converting the Eanrings into Liquid Cash

Here is the big deal. Suppose you have earned a few hundred dollars (Let’s assume!) by montizing your youtube channel by adsense. Now what?

Your Google Adsense account should be linked up with either your bank or any other international payment systems like paypal. That actually depends on a lot of factors. If you are living in a country where your bank can directly recieve payments from Google adsense, Viola!

Every month you will get a payment from Adsense to your Bank account as long as your monthly earning is $100 or more.

  • Recieveing Payments through Affiliate Networks

Here the system works in a slightly different way. If you are not recieveing earnings from directly youtube, you are in a affiliate network. In that case, your payer will be the website/channel you are affiliating for. It works in different ways for different affiliators.

Do All You Tubers Get Paid ?

Will everyone who posts a YouTube video gets paid? No, not. You need to become a partner first. But even though, you are not guaranteed much money. Have patience. You cannot just make money overnight. What happens when you plant a tree and pour water every day? It will give you fruit one day. Create a YouTube channel first and then upload videos of the domain you are interested in. It can be Makeup, Fitness, Home remedies, Dance, Humour ….. just anything! Upload one video per day or week, and you will get some returns.

Lot More Ways to Earn from YouTube

How to receive payment from YouTube is not a big concern. What are the ways to generate your earnings from YouTube that you must think first? Follow these steps.

  • Direct Earn from YouTube (Google) Ads :

Depending on the length of your video you can make from $1 to $6 per 1,000 views (a 10-minute video has more ads than a 5 minute one), genre, location, etc. In an average 1,000,000 views can make you around $2,000.

  • Promoting your Product to your Audience :

Number of products like a T-shirt, a mug, a hoodie, a physical book, an eBook can be your source of income. Supposing, you have manipulated 20,000 subscribers since the release of your YouTube, and you average 20,000 per video during the last 30 days. The product in your YouTube is a T-shirt which is worth $ 18, and you have a profit of $ 10. So, from 20,000 views at least you can attract 100 customers. Consequently, you can make $ 1,000. YouTube is unique which enables you to build your audience. You can easily monetize it if you create your audience. You need have patient, not to be greedy. Instead of thinking how to monetize every YouTuber should focus on building his audience.

  • Sell Product Drectly from your Email List :

A very powerful way of selling your product is Email list building, which only a few YouTuber use. Just create opt-ins directly within the can also read this awesome related article on it check it out

  • Build Affiliate Links :

Amazon affiliate link is very popular if you closely look at people who review products. Amazon offers you around 6% commission. If you put an affiliate link to the latest iPhone and your video generates 1,000,000 views so that you can expect at least 500 real customers for iPhones at a price of $ 700. Hence your video would generate you $ 42 x 500= $ 21,000

Depending on your Niche, View count and Subscriber count, lots of brands will offer you to pay from $10 to $30 per 1000 views. And if you have 20,000 views per video, you can earn from $ 200 to $ 600 per sponsorship.

WARNING! Hold Your AdSense Payment Temporarily

It is not that your only concern is how to receive payment from YouTube. At times you may need to hold your payment for your personal reason. Yes, if you wish you can keep your AdSense payments for up to one year not more than that. And you should make it by the 20th of that month. Configuring a self-hold will make Google hold payments until the date that you specify. But you will continue to accrue earnings onto your balance.

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