How to Start a Vlog Channel On YouTube? – The Ultimate Guide

(1) What Is Blog & What Is Vlog?

When I first encounter the word blog I was wondering what it really means. How to Start a Vlog Channel On YouTubeThen a simple Google search made me clear that the word blogoriginally derived from the word “weblog”. In fact, a blog is a kind of website which has posts or entries. It generally appears with the most recent posts or entries, just like a diary or journal. But, nowadays it is much more than that, it is like online journalism. These posts are updated frequently and regularly. But sometimes we do come across some slow bloggers.

Where a blogprimarily uses text, a vlog is a form of the blog which uses videos. It often combines embedded video with supporting text and images. Most of the time a vlog is about a particular subject or a video that you took. It is also known as a form of web television.

(2) What Do We Get from A Vlog Channel?

A vlog channel provides us almost everything. These channels provide hair tips, technical information, up-to-date news, celebrity scandal, or even political rumor. There are also vlog channels about Niche topics like cooking, gardening, health or sports. Nowadays there several others we do get from a Vlog channel.

(3) Plan Your Video Blog Channel

Before you make a video and upload them to your vlog channel you need to make a solid planning. It is fun to start and maintain a YouTube Channel. It can be profitable too, and that doesn’t have to take over your entire life. This will have a huge impact on how you continue. Your planning should go with answering some simple questions.

Why Do You Vlog?

  • Initially, you may do it just to learn about some video production. Or, you just want to share some fun tips and tricks with your friends. It seems you haven’t set any goal yet. It doesn’t mean that you can’t build a following and make your channel a real success.
  • When you are taking it as your full-time career, think about the time you are going to spend daily, weekly and monthly. It will let you determine your ultimate goal as of this moment

Identify Your Audience on YouTube

  • Sit down and ponder over your audience that you are going to target.
  • Almost each and every woman have the interest in beauty vlogs. While girls do like fun and helpful tutorial on makeup and hairstyling.
  • Whenever you think about a new topic it will work as a ready reference.

Think About Your Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

  • A good planning must have a goal to achieve.
  • Initially, go for a short-term planning, six months for instance. And there after two or three years from now.
  • What kind of success do you expect from it?
  • Keep all in mind as you move ahead with your plan, as they’ll be important soon.
  • It will help you make a good plan together with developing your channel.

(4) Pick A Unique Vlog Title

  • Consider a unique title for your video so that your viewers can easily find you in a Google or YouTube search. Pick a name that incorporates something about your niche or industry. And don’t forget to include the most relevant keywords to your video.
  • Search your title that you have come up with on Google whether someone has already picked it. If your idea for a title is already taken, then go back and think for another one. Thus you will be able to give your video a unique name.
  • Avoid giving a title like “How to Select a Hearing Aid”. Instead, you can give it a title like, “How to Select a Perfect Hearing Aid!” Through the title, offer your viewers something great. which will. It will wait for them when they click the play button.

(5) Filming with Right Equipment

  • Camera: First of all, you need a good digital camera with up-to-par video quality. Viewers will not stick around for your low-quality videos. The camera you are going to choose depends on your goals for vlogging and the budget you allocate. Let me recommend few Vlogging cameras that are out in the market:
    • Sony Cyber-shot DSCW810B (720p video quality)
    • Lumix DMC-TZ55EB (1080p video quality)
    • Canon Powershot SX610 HS Superzoom Compact Camera (1080p video quality)
    • Panasonic HC-V160EB-K Full HD Camcorder
    • G7 X Mark II (1080p Full HD video in MP4 format with stereo sound )
    • Nikon Coolpix L840 Bridge Camera (1080p video quality)
    • Nikon Coolpix A900 (4K Ultra High Definition (UHD)
    • ELPH 330 HS (1080p Full HD with stereo sound)


  • Audio:Audio is as important as your video quality. If your audience can’t understand what you say, they will find an alternative video to get similar information.
    • Try to avoid this, by ensuring a good camera with a quality microphone or one with a microphone input.
    • For indoor shooting, you can rely on cameras with built-in microphone.
    • But filming outdoor with lot of background noise is wise to go with an external directional microphone


  • Lighting:Lighting is another most important factor for creating high-quality Video.That doesn’t mean you have to invest in a professional lighting setup.
    • Just make sure to film your video with as much natural light as possible
    • You can create great lighting effects with white poster board reflectors, lampshades, and light placement.
    • Experiment it till you get a clear, bright lighting setup


(6) Editing Your Videos

  • Definitely, it is worth to take some extra time to edit your video blogs. Experimenting with editing your videos is not a bad idea. Although adding background music can enhance presentation, I strongly suggest not to include copyrighted content or music in your vlogs
  • Avoid the distracting transitions for variation like swirls, slow fades or even random colors. The post popular transitions are straight cuts.
  • Since most of us use Windows computers or laptops, Windows Movie maker is easy to use which produces good quality videos. For Apple, iMovies is a free editing software. While SocialBoxTV can take a load of different effects and transitions with many features that can provide your video a professional output.

(7) Make Your Vlog Go Viral?

Well, the question is, how would you make a video that will go viral? Incorporate different types of media in your posts. It will expand your audiences across the Internet. And thus your video blog will go viral. Here are few key ingredients which can make a vlog post viral.

  • Make Your Vlog Interesting & Helpful: Something helpful and interesting will make your video blog go viral. Try to grow interested and give your viewer an extra incentive so that they couldn’t help but share it.
  • Add Some Humor: Right kind of humor is the key to making your video to go viral. Wacky humor is a unique kind of humor for targeting the younger audience. While targeting older audience in a specific niche, make sure to choose right kind of humor that suits them. Again, if you address your audience with the wrong kind of humor you will lose the potential of making your video go viral.
  • Go Beyond the Boundary Line: Go little further over the boundary line of your content which has shock-value, raunchiness, politically incorrect to attract your viewer. But that doesn’t necessarily mean to offend your viewer in general. People tend to share videos that are hilarious and beyond ordinary. The more audience you are able to attract, the more shareable your video is.
  • Give Your Videoa Twist: Videos that start normally, but the end is unpredictable, draw much attention of an average people. In other words, a video that starts off weird and continues getting weirder is much appealing to the audience. People get tempted to share such kind of video; as a result, your video will go viral.
  • Keep Pace with The Current Fad: It is wise to go with the trend that is currently sweeping the media. Getting success with your own brilliant ideas is uncertain, so keeping pace with the existing fad and popular trends will grant you a viral success. Follow the flow of current fad or the popular trend. Like an expression, dance, song or style, it’s almost guaranteed to become viral.

(8) Some Useful Tips

  • Each time you hit “Record” on your camera, stare at the camera lens as if you are making an eye contact with your old friend. Thus you can engage yourself with your viewers in each video. Hence you can avoid at least some awkward shots and filming errors.
  • Have some Extra footage as you may not know how good your footage is until you start editing. Extra footage will give you opportunity to edit any unexpected turnouts
  • Don’t panic if you mess up. Just start afresh from where you were before you made a mistake. And leave it for final editing.
  • In fact, it’s quite different while speaking in front of your camera when you first start logging. Speak at a slightly slower rate and with more emphasis.
  • Your viewer might have thousands of choices on hair styling, cooking tips, movie review or your fitness advice. But let your personality shine which will set you apart and make your video stand out.
  • Set a schedule for your vlog and let your audience know it. Don’t forget to mention about your forthcoming videos. Post it in all your social media and your YouTube profile. It will increase your return viewership.

(9) Have Patience, Be Successful

  • To have patience is the hardest part of creating something great which will make you feel proud.
  • Determine that you are making your video not because you want to become famous or rich.
  • Rather you are making your video because you like them.
  • Even though creating video blog is quite hard but at the same time, it is very enjoyable.
  • Follow the tips and techniques in the right direction. It will direct you to a successful vlogging.

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