Top 5 Canon Vlog Cameras That Youtubers use For Vlogging

canon vlog cameras

Vlogging is a new word that has been recently introduced in the world of Social Networks and online Blogs, the term comes from the combination of the terms blogging and video that describe the act of recording the information to be inserted in a blog instead of writing them down. In this article what is the best canon vlog camera

Of course creating a video blog (vlog) requires more than the camera of the laptop or smartphone, which is why many companies have created a range of products that will provide high qualities video in order to make vloggers noticed and appreciated on the web.

There is a wide range of Cameras that are used by bloggers and Youtubers all over the world to keep up with their content. In this article, we are going to show you, which Cameras can be considered the best – specifically we are going to talk about Canon Vlog Cameras - and a little buying guide to buy the perfect Vlogging Camera for you. With the right Vlog Camera, your vlogging becomes easier and you will be noticed faster. Are you ready, then? Let’s start.

The best vlogging camera range, as previously mentioned, can be found without any doubts in those manufactured by Canon that offers the best range of cameras, focusing more efforts than other brands in order to provide better quality videos. They have changed the lenses of the autofocus system in the newest Cameras, introducing the new SMT lenses.

They have also created a system that helps many video creators that are not very good at editing, to avoid this step, using the feature Video SnapShots. This function allows the owner to create a complete video from many clips captured by the camera, with no need of editing.

Many famous Youtubers agree that the best Vlogging Cameras are Canon because it offers very high quality images- that is why it is so popular on YouTube - and a good quality of videos. The autofocus is very good in those cameras and the lenses introduced by Canon can create a good background effect when it comes to the right light. The lenses are very fast and very close to the best lenses provided by Canon on other Cameras, the 50mm fixed lenses.

Many Canon Vlog Cameras have a touchscreen that can be used to select the focus point, a very useful function when it is used in motion, and when the user want to quickly change the focus point.

Vlogging Cameras with flip screen

Canon cares a lot about its vloggers customers and understand how difficult must be vlogging videos without a helper. In fact, most vlogs are selfie videos and it is very difficult to record them without the possibility to check if your image is in focus or if you are in the frame. We often do not realize how much we move around when talking or doing any other activity, so that is quite easy to get out of frame

That is why Canon created a series of Canon Vlogging Cameras with flip screen, with an additional function of autofocus that gives an enormous plus to these products. The camera automatically locks on to your face and follows your movements while you record.

1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera - Wi-Fi Enabled

The canon G7X is becoming one of my favorite compact cameras as of now. It has an amazing combination of touch screen, dedicated exposure compensation dial and clicking control dial around the lens provides a high degree of direct control for this small camera. This camera is also an answer to Sony RX100 III, Sony is the first to embrace this compact camera. It gives the image quality that your galaxy phones can’t imagine. It has excellent photo quality i.e canon vlog provides the best image quality than ever. It also has touch screen LCD which provides the fast settings.


  • Zooming feature of lens both brighter and further-reaching than anything offered by its enthusiast compact rivals
  • A nice touch-screen interface
  • Nice photo quality for the class it is in
  • Wi-Fi connectivity gets photos on your phone
  • Very compact body fits in a pants pocket


  • Wrong raw files and writes
  • Image processing decrease number of pixels

This light weight camera is the best compact camera that is easy to handle and can be carried anywhere, it provides the best image quality, connectivity with wifi gets photos on your phone. We should be thankful to sony for for giving such a product to us. The Power Shot G7 X is an asvanced, high-performing camera that puts admirable capabilities in a sophisticated, compact package. Larger than the sensors widely used for compact cameras, the Power Shot canon vlog G7 X camera's new 1.0-inch sensor achieves a beautiful balance between high sensitivity and high image quality.

canon vlog camera with flip screen

2. Canon Power Shot G16 12.1 MP CMOS

This Power Shot G16 is a new premium compact camera, with built-in Wi-Fi. The Canon G16 has a 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor 1/1.7-type, new DIGIC 6 image processor, 3-inch 922,000-dot LCD screen, 5x 28-140mm equivalent zoom lens with fast maximum holes of f/1.8 - f/2.8, RAW image capture, optical viewfinder, 12.2fps burst mode, flash hot shoe, 1cm macro mode, ISO 80-12800 and full range of manual shooting modes. With performance and creative expression approaching that of an SLR camera, the new Power Shot G16 camera makes unlimited imaging like portability, high resolution, etc. This G16 camera employs a High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor, which delivers state-of-the-art imaging performance. The Power Shot G16 camera gives you the ability to take photos with spectacular depth, detail and emotional resonance.


  • Wirelessly transfer your images
  • Upload virtually by your android device
  • Compatible with MAC systems
  • High sensitivity
  • Full resolution and continue shooting


  • High price
  • Fixed LCD Screen

This DIGIC 6 image processor is best for families and professionals which provide best image quality. Continuous shooting feature of this camera provides you to make videos and click number of pics and it is also best for night sky capturing. Compatible with ios versions and android also, Improved light sensitivity allows for better picture and video resolution with less noise when shooting in dark states and Dynamic IS now detects and compensates for sudden moments (aka blur) to create video that's exceptionally free of distortion. The Power Shot G16 camera provides you the power to create images with spectacular depth, detail and emotional resonance. It's easy to enjoy and share the videos you shoot with the Power Shot G16 camera.

3. Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera

This Canon EOS Rebel T5 camera gives fast performance levels in view finder mode and gives you a variety of wide-angle to short telephoto focal lengths.This DSLR Camera has18-55mm Lens with a DIGIC 4 image processor. Using this you can shoot in low-light states, deducing the need for a tripod or a flash. The nine-point auto-focus system takes one centre cross-type AF point for delivering accurate focus in both landscape and portrait orientations. In addition, this camera has the capability of recording in 720p at 60 and 50 fps, and 480p at 30 and 35 fps. The rear LCD screen has a whopping 460,000 pixels, and an amazing 170 degrees viewing angle, making it useful for menu navigation, making in Live View, and sharing or reviewing the photos and videos. This helps to get clear, crisp images, even in low light situations.


  • fast performance levels in View finder mode
  • Amazing image quality in all shooting situations
  • Capability to shoot in both RAW and JPEG
  • Well-built Camera
  • High resolution LCD features touch screen


  • Almost like the Canon Rebel T4i
  • Battery life needs to be better more improvements can be done
  • Not built-in Wi-Fi option
  • Shutter lag is essential in Live View mode

This camera is perfect for families, budding photo fans and first-time SLR users alike, the EOS Rebel T5 which makes it easy to take or record movies and photos which are nothing short of dazzling. With this camera, you’ll easily be able to make HD vlogs and videos and high-motion photos.

4. Canon PowerShot A2600 16.0 MP Digital Camera

The Canon Power Shot A2600 Compact Digital premium Camera with 16 megapixels makes capturing amazing images simple without negotiating on quality. The power of the 16.0 Megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4 Image processor allows you to record very precious moments with amazing detail and has a great responsive performance. The Power Shot A2600 is a stylish compact camera that makes taking images and videos whole lot easier without compromising on quality. It provides rich and clear images, also keep on recording with the new ECO mode that preserves power so you get more shots per charge. The DIGIC 4 Image Processor powers and the advanced systems and features of this camera , ensures fast, reliable performance with low battery consumption. Professional photographers of all levels have learnt to appreciate this camera – especially a go-anywhere with this compact digital camera.





To make picture and video taking as easy as possible it has Smart Auto mode which means that the camera will automatically its lighting settings for different scenarios. There is also a number of scene modes to choose from as well as a ton of different creative effects like fisheye, miniature and toy camera. Live view control allows you to find the right setting you like with picture settings such as brightness and contrast will, you’ll be seeing the results before shooting.It is best for people to capture images by which they can enjoy and capture life moments. This canon vlog camera has one best feature also i.e tracking point in the camera.

5. Canon VIXIA Mini X

It is a perfect camera of mini camcorder series which shows best results for families to capture pics and at a small level. The new Canon VIXIA mini X offers a number of important professional features to ensure thatyour productions contain the highest audio and video quality. When you look at this camera, it feels like there’s something different about it. I feel like Canon made this camera exclusively for video vlogging. This camera provides advantages for vlogging. Touch screen of this camera helps to set things faster. This camera was made to turn it on, connect your microphone or headset and then off you go. You can lock exposure if you don’t want to create unnecessary noise in your images.


  • Records small clips in small places
  • Day out vlogging
  • Easy to handle
  • Best for small recordings
  • Cheaper in cost i.e easily affordable
  • Set things faster
  • Connects to wifi


  • Image quality can be improved
  • Battery can be improved

This is amazing mini camcorder to record things in small places, it has perfect features to record nd take images and videos. Touch screen of this camera offers fast recordings and fast setups to capture images. It has fish eye lens for action vlogging and best for YouTube blogging. Mostly it is used by concert recordings and image capturing, the Canon VIXIA mini X includes a microphone input, which is something almost essential for vlogging. It also has some others features as well that will help you out with getting things done faster, no matter what your channel is about.

What Makes a Good Vlogging Camera?

If you are going to buy a Vlogging Camera, there are various aspects that you have to take into account. Here you have a quick list of some important qualities:

1. Image: the most important aspect you have to look for is the quality image of a camera. Generally, a camera that provides good videos records in at least 1080p or maybe better Full HD. Of course, the best Canon Vlogging Cameras with full HD qualities are the most expensive, so if you cannot afford the best Full HD, make sure that your Camera records at in at least 720p. If you buy a Vlogging Camera with below than 720p, you will edit videos below the average quality of the most YouTube vlogs, so you cannot make your channel grow.

2. Optical Image Stabilisation: generally a vlog is a video recorded during an activity, so in movement, that is why one of the fundamentals aspects that you need to consider is the Optical Image Stabilisation, a feature that helps preventing videos from shaking and improving the quality of the images. Even though YouTube provides some video editing software, the Optical Stabilization has always better qualities.

3. Audio: before making a purchase, an equal important aspect to the optical Image Stabilisation, is the microphone. Most of the cameras have a good built-in microphone but the more expensive ones will also have an external jack so you can expand the quality of your audio.

4. Weight: this aspect may seem stupid to consider but, in fact, it happens to be one of the most important because even though Cameras do not weight a lot, it can become very heavy if you have to hold it for several minutes with an extended arm. We recommend choosing a light Vlogging Camera – Canon is the best as always – so you can carry them all day without problems.

5. Lens: We have already mentioned the new technologies offered by the Canon Vlogging Cameras in terms of lens and we want to underline again how it is fundamental to create videos with good quality images. That is why not enough to have a good Optical Stabilisation: the camera alsoneeds top quality lenses that can record good video quality both from close range and from an arm length away.

Other interesting Features on Canon Vlogging Cameras

The most famous series of Vlogging Cameras is the series G Powershot that has been provided with a 1’’ sensor and the superior elaborating photo system DIGIC that offers the best results in terms of photo and video quality compared to the same products of other brands.

This innovative sensor combines the rapidity of a Reflex Camera to the most sensibility to the light, offering a four time better quality photos that the traditional Compact Cameras.

The DCIGIC 7 system offers a professional image quality in every situation due to the fasts autofocus system in the market and an EOS system to correct and elaborate photos, provided into the Vlogging Cameras itself.

It also provides a Dual Sensing IS technology that combines a service of subject relevation with reliable tracking skills.

Wi-Fi System

With the innovative Canon Vlogging Cameras, you can always be connected to your friends and you social networks. Every Camera made by Canon has an integrated Wi-Fi sensor that allows you to upload your photos and videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and to backup your files into external memory cards or on the web Cloud. You can also connect your Vlogging Camera to your smartphone or tablet and make sure that you do not loss anything. Every camera has also a GPS sensor that allows the users to localize their photos and vlogs.

To be more specific….

1. Smartphone and tablet: you can share your vlogs as soon as you record it thanks to the possibility of connecting your Canon Vlogging Camera to your smartphone, or through the free app Canon Camera Connect that allows you to connect your smartphone faster to the camera. The latest models of the Vlogging Cameras integrates the Dynamic NFC system that rapidly transfer files to your smartphone.

2. Backup your vlogs: with the most recent models of Canon Camera, you can back up your files on a web Cloud everywhere you are, due to the Wi-Fi connection. You can use the system Image Sync to a wireless back up on Google drive, I Cloud or other online services. The images will also be synchronized on your laptop and smartphone.

3. GPS sensor: you can localize your photos combining the GPS sensor of your smartphone to the vlog you recorded. In this way, you can make everybody know where you have been and what has been your setting.

Canon Vlogging Camera remote control

Some of the most innovative Canon Cameras can be remote controlled so that the vlog can include more people, including you. You can use your smartphone to remote control your camera: you have to connect them through the app Canon Camera Connect and you will be able to control zoom, flash and snapshot. In some of the latest models, you can also remote control the manual settings, along with the automatic ones.

After this long description of the most important features of the Canon Cameras, we wanted to summarize the most important aspects that you need to take into account when it comes to choose the best Canon Vlogging Camera that suits your needs. Here you have a short buying guide to help you.

In conclusion, we hope that we helped you on finding the perfect product and that we can hear about you from the web, soon. Good luck on Vlogging!

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