Top 8 Best Vlogging camera – The Ultimate Buying Guide


The rise of technology has offered individuals many ways to amuse the world with their skills with the help of these technological advances. In this contemporary era, we are more adept than ever at showing our art in several different ways than each generation before us. Every morning we discover a new way to engage the world, whether we’re at the office, college or in a public place. There are as many types of art that are exhibited before the world as there are types of people who entertain the world with their video shoots, through use of the best vlogging cameras.

What Is Vlogging?

Vlogging is the term that refers to video blogging. It is used when a blogger shoots the video along with his content to make it more attractive for the audience, with the aim of increasing the number of viewers. The trend of blogging is increasing daily, as the bloggers are getting a pool of viewers/subscribers who like to see their favourite blogger’s life and wait for more videos to be released. Bloggers strive hard to amuse their viewers by shooting the videos with different dimensions and ranges but understanding that their audience isn’t ready to compromise when it comes to the quality of a video. With poor quality video, the content creator’s video usually will be disliked and/or overlooked, so video bloggers are more careful to assess the quality before shooting the video for their audience. Without the use of a quality camera, all the efforts of the blogger could go to waste, potentially leading to loss of audience so the role played by the Best vlogging cameras is key to winning over the hearts of the audience.

Many people have a dilemma when they start on YouTube, as they are faced with many options and wonder which one is best, or is used most often by other vloggers. Starting out, you might not be able to compare yourself with the best world’s best YouTube vloggers such as Connor Franta, Joey Graceffa, Zoella etc who may be using cameras that are way above your budget. These YouTubers all have very different and diverse styles, and so their choice of camera may be different to yours. Let’s take a look at the preferred cameras these YouTube stars use.

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Zoe Elizabeth Suggs camera

Credit : Carl Fox

Zoe Elizabeth is also known by her more famous name, Zoellla. She is a 16-year-old beauty YouTuber, and is both a blogger and vlogger. She hails from UK and if the sister of Joe Sugg, who is also a top YouTuber. Currently she is in a relationship with her fellow YouTube personality, Alfie Deyes, Zoe is also the author of three books.

Zoella started her

Y ouTube channel

for beauty and fashion videos at the end of 2009 in addition to her blog.

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She uploaded her first video ‘60 Things in My Bedroom’ on 17 December 2009. At the start, the channel did not attract a large audience and it took her channel two years to reach 40.000 subscribers on YouTube.

At the begin of 2013, the number of Zoella’s channel leapt to 400,000 subscribers and now has a continuous presence with the number of her channel subscribers growing every day. By 20th April 2013 her audience had reached 1 million, with 3.5 million reached by the end of that same year. This subsequently grew too 5 million subscribers by 2014 and was at 10 million subscribers by the beginning of 2016.

Camera Zoe Uses:

Zoella has two different cameras and her choice depends on the nature of video she intend to record. If she is shooting a vlogging video, then she uses the Canon PowerShot S120 as her Best vlogging camera. The Canon PowerShot S120 has a fast speed autofocus system which maintains sharp footage of video. The camera also has Canon’s HS SYSTEM which greatly helps to improve the quality of shots even in dim light. The built-in Canon 5x lens dispenses the focal length range of 24-120mm, which covers wide-angle to telephoto length perspectives. If you are looking for a Best vlogging camera you can also use either of the in order to have excellent quality of video.

Connor Franta

Connor Frantas camera for youtube

credit :Connor Franta

Connor Franta is an American YouTuber with his own channel on YouTube, which has around 5 million subscribers. According to his latest update, he is using a T3i DSLR camera which is hugely popular and used by many YouTubers.

Joey Graceffa

joey graceffa camera

Credit : Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa is an American national and a famous personality for YouTube videos. He has two active channels on YouTube. He has dedicated one of his channel purely for Vlogging and the other he has dedicated for video games related content. As a boy of 16, he started uploading videos on YouTube channel with his class mates and used to be known as Winter Spring Pro. He then posted his own videos on his YouTube channel, and started vlogging regularly on his channel, increasing his popularity so that he now has 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. According his status on Twitter, he shared that he uses the CanonS100.

As a boy of 16, Joey Graceffa started uploading videos on YouTube channel with his class mates and used to be known as Winter Spring Pro.

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He then posted his own videos on his YouTube channel, and started vlogging regularly on his channel, increasing his popularity so that he now has 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Here is the Reviews of Top 8 Best Camera for vlogging

Choosing your new camera can be a daunting task due to there being so many different types available. The price, quality and capability can vary wildly and unless you already know your stuff when it comes to cameras, you could end up with completely the wrong one.

Reviews are extremely useful in making your choice simple by providing you with a wide range of opinions and feedback from other people who have purchased cameras. By learning from the experiences of others, taking the information they have given and using it to find the camera that suits your needs, you can stop aimlessly searching, discover exactly what you require and become informed about what is available to you.

I've chosen some reviews of products that are all highly recommended as Vlogging Cameras to get you started. Take a look at the reviews below and try to decide on one that has the quality you desire and is within your budget.

1. Camera Power shot G7 - The ultimate VLOGGING Solution

Being a VLogger, the key to attract & engage maximum viewers is an exceptional camera. Providing a perfect blend of excellent video quality & easy-to-use control system, Canon power shot G7 was the answer to all of my problems. After a rigorous research on camera for youtube which could provide tremendously defined image quality, I came across Canon power shot G7. And I must say it was one of my best buying decisions I’ve ever made.


  • This beast camera comes with a powerful lens of 10MP providing clear image quality which was my upmost priority.
  • To add delight to my experience the built-in filters & the powerful zoom option gives it an edge over all cameras. This makes it easier for my make-up tutorials to be on point!
  • The camera proved to my ultimate solution as a makeup Vlogger by its amazing features like image stabilization & face detection mode.
  • This helped me shoot crystal clear videos with a wide ISO display ranging to 1600.


  • The only turnoff is its design is not contemporary, but hey? The looks do not matter when it’s giving me a multiplier effect on my vlog’s viewership.
  • Besides that the camera comes handy making it even easier to travel with.

Moreover, this camera was not even heavy on the pocket, it’s the beast and cheap camera for vlogging which comes under 200$. Shocking right?! Hence this camera should be on every Vlogger’s bucket list. Furthermore, the picture results are also BOMB, making it my ultimate best friend to rely on for images & vlogging.

2. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

I required an excellent Camera for vlogging  and the Canon PowerShot G7 went beyond my expectations. It's the simplest Camera to use whilst providing an outstanding level of video quality. It took me some time to research the best camera for youtube for less than $200 and the choice I made was certainly the right one. If you're wondering what camera vloggers use, this one comes highly recommended by me and many others who have had to research and invest in a professional Vlogging Camera.


  • Compared to other types of Vlogging Camera, the Canon PowerShot G7 has unmatched picture quality for the price.
  • I've been able to utilise the built in filters with ease to minimise my editing time and create high quality content in record times. Exactly what I was looking for in a Camera for Vlogging
  • The touch screen works perfectly and allows you to focus very quickly. This is yet another feature that makes this Camera the fastest, easiest to use and highest quality for the price available anywhere.


  • The camera has a very 'old school' look and isn't exactly small but saying that, the Camera is portable and what does it matter if it doesn't look modern, as long as it is awesome!

Overall, I'd rate the Canon PowerShot G7 as the very best Camera that youtubers use for under $200. It is affordable, convenient and exceptionally high quality. Nothing else I've bought has even come close. If you're reading these reviews to find your next Camera, your search can end here.

A must for the serious Vlogger!

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

In my search for the best camera for youtube, I came across the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. It had great reviews and it seemed to be a Vlogging Camera that youtubers use so I decided to purchase it. Wow! I'm absolutely blown away by the quality it provides, nothing else I've used as a Camera has come close. Although I was originally looking for a Camera for under $200, I'm glad I spent more and got this epic piece of kit. If you find yourself wondering 'what camera do vloggers use?', the answer should always be this one!


  • The AutoFocus on the Canon EOS Mark III is exceptional, blowing away other models entirely. For a Vlogging Camera, this feature can save time and ensure you're capturing a high quality video without messing around
  • The dual memory card slots mean that you have much better potential for storage which has come in very handy. I can't recommend this enough as a Vlogging Camera.
  • It's simple to use and has a really nice feel to it, providing a Camera with all the features and quality required to make excellent content.


  • My only issue with this camera is that I wasn't intending to spend so much. The quality of this camera, especially when used as a camera for youtube, is more than worth the price but it can be hard to get the full amount together. If you can, it is worth every penny

I've searched for a very long time for the perfect Camera for vlogging  and I've finally found exactly what I was looking for in the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Even if you're using it with only the most basic features, it performs incredibly. Utilise the features available and you have a Camera that can do pretty much anything you could dream.

Highly recommended!

4. Canon EOS 80D - Best Canon Vlogging camera with flip screen

Whilst shopping for a new camera for youtube, I found some reviews of the Canon EOS 80D and it seemed like a Vlogging Camera that youtubers use so I decided to buy it. I'm so glad I made that decision as this has been the perfect Camera for me, it hasn't once let me down in terms of quality and has enabled me to create astounding content. It's so fast to use compared to my old Camera which had endless buttons and complicated processes involved. Now, thanks to the Canon EOS 80D, I don't have to worry about operating the Camera at all and can just focus on other aspects of content creation. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase, to say the least!


  • For me, the biggest pro with this camera, especially for use as a Vlogging Camera, is the extreme quality it provides without being an overly complicated piece of equipment
  • I''ve been able to capture some of the best content I've ever made without any fuss. I absolutely could not believe the clarity it can provide when I took my first picture with it
  • Another great thing about this Camera is the price. At first, I was looking for the best Camera for less than $200, but soon realised I needed to invest more to get the quality I required.
  • I looked at models costing upwards of $3000 which I don't think I would have liked as much as this one. I don't think you can get a better quality Camera for any price, anywhere!


  • The only con is that it can take nearly two hours to fully charge the camera. However, once charged, the battery life is incredible.
  • I have never owned a Camera capable of almost 2000 photos per charge. It seems to just go on and on without running out of power

Overall, the Canon EOS 80D is a dream for someone looking for the very best camera for vlogging for this price range. In my opinion, it is affordable and provides the best quality of any camera I've used.

You won't be disappointed!

5. Canon EOS Rebel T6i - One of the best camera for youtubers

It isn't easy to find the perfect Camera but it seems I have managed it! Wow, the Canon EOS Rebel T6i has astounded me with the highest quality I've ever seen. Although I originally wanted the best Vlogging Camera under $200, I'm pleased I spent just that little bit extra to purchase this. I've now fully tried out and made use of this Camera and any review I could write just wouldn't do it justice. I'd highly recommend getting this Camera and trying it out for yourself so that you can experience just how amazing it is.


  • Being highly intuitive to use, this Camera makes achieving high quality easy. It fits nicely in your hands and is very comfortable and the menus are simple to comprehend and use.
  • One of the best things about this camera, when used as a Vlogging Camera, is that not only is the detail incredible for both videos and photos, it is also a very reasonable price.
  • I've heard that the Canon EOS Rebel is a Camera that youtubers use quite often and I can see why. It makes it so easy to create mind-blowing content in hardly any time at all.


  • Personally, I feel that the look of this camera isn't very 'pretty'. I think it could be a little more pleasing on the eye but that doesn't have any relevance to the actual quality of this good Vlogging Camera.

I don't think I'll be looking for another Camera for a very long time! The Canon EOS Rebel has been the answer to all my problems and I'm confident that anyone buying this, especially if they're going to use it as a camera for youtube, will be thrilled with the overall quality available through this reasonably priced product.

Purchase with confidence!

6. Sony a7R II - one  of the best Sony Vlogging Camera

During my search for a top camera for youtube chanel, I stumbled across reviews of the Sony a7R II. I've since purchased it and I can assure anyone looking for a Vlogging Camera that all your needs will be met in this model. The old version of the a7R felt a bit slow and it underperformed. This new version is better in every single way, offering the most beautiful definition you could ask for from any Vlogging Camera. It isn't always a simple process to select a new camera but I certainly got lucky with this one,


  • My favourite thing about the Sony a7R II is the sheer amount of options available for customisation and how playing with the settings can achieve some astounding results.
  • You're able to program each switch and get the results you want out of it as a Vlogging Camera. It's due to this that it is now my most prized possession!
  • Of course, this wouldn't be an accurate review unless I mentioned the outstanding quality this thing produces. Sensational! I've never seen such clear images in such mind-blowing detail.


  • I was originally seeking the best Camera for less than $200, needless to say this camera was a bit more than I intended to spend!
  • However, for the quality this Camera can produce, it's well worth the cost.

What camera do vloggers use? The answer, in my experience so far, should always be the Sony a7R II! It's already a Camera that youtubers use on a regular basis, owing to the fantastic quality and powerful customisation options, as well as ease of use.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this camera to anyone.

7. Olympus VG-160 - Good Camera for new youtubers

My search for the best Camera for under $200 came to end when I bought the Olympus VG-160. It is quite simply the top Camera you can get for the price, offering both excellent quality and incredible ease of use. It wouldn't surprise me if this was a Vlogging Camera that youtubers use often as it is the most cost-effective way of producing the high quality content required to be on top. I can't even believe that it's possible to get such an excellent camera for such a cheap price. I'm certain that anyone looking for a camera, especially to be used as a Camera, will be blown away once they start using the VG-160.


  • I think the best thing about the Olympus VG-160 is the quality you get for the price you pay. For under $200, you're looking at a Vlogging Camera that can not only do everything you need but do it easily and surpass your expectations, especially in terms of clarity and definition.
  • I've tried other types of Camera, even some more expensive ones and this model is by far the most effective.
  • It seems to blend HD video with comfortable use, outstanding image quality with a decent amount of storage space and low cost with high satisfaction.


  • By far the most difficult thing to write is any sort of negative point about this Vlogging Camera!
  • Of course, I could say the quality isn't as good as a far more expensive camera but that would be expected in most cases. In almost every single way, this Camera is far too good for the price!

This Camera is such great value, I can't recommend it enough. If your budget is small but your dreams are big, this will be an investment that will change your life! I've grown to love this Camera and respect it all the more because of the fact that it didn't cost me much but has provided me with everything I need.

This camera is an absolute steal for anyone buying it!

8. GoPro HERO4 - good for professioinal youtube gamer

For anyone considering a GoPro for their main Camera, I'd highly recommend the GoPro HERO4. After seeing many good reviews, I purchased it and was not disappointed. The quality is top-notch, as a Camera capable of recording amazing videos as well as snap shots, it's difficult to find anything better for the reasonable price it is offered at. It is very durable (I dropped it and it was fine) which is one of the great things about the GoPro cameras in general and makes it very useful as a Vlogging Camera. I personally don't like fragile equipment so I was pleased to find this tough, affordable and high-quality Vlogging Camera to use as my main camera.


  • The GoPro HERO4 comes with amazing editing software which makes it really easy to use as a professional Vlogging Camera.
  • The controls and menus are intuitive and quick to learn and using functions like the video and photo mode and timelapse mode is really easy.
  • This is a very powerful Vlogging Camera for the price. It is easy to see why this is a Vlogging Camera that youtubers use when you explore all the amazing features and functions it has to offer.
  • If you're wondering what camera vloggers use, then this one will meet all your needs for a fraction of the price you'll pay for anything similar.


  • I needed a new SD card (16GB is pretty small for a Vlogging Camera) but now I have a 32GB SD which is much more suited.
  • If this camera came with a bigger SD card it would probably be more expensive so, although you might need to upgrade your SD, this is only a small thing to sort out and it's worth it when you consider the very affordable price of this Vlogging Camera.

I've been massively impressed by the GoPro HERO4. In the past, I've avoided GoPro because I used to doubt the quality they could produce. I can tell you now, this camera will exceed what you expect of it in terms of quality, ease of use and price.

Anyone would be happy to use this as their main Vlogging Camera.

Few more Tips for professional vlogger and new youtuber

There are many advantages associated with using the best camera that makes them attractive for use in vlogging:

Image quality: This is one of most important factors, and at the top of everyone’s list. Without having great image quality when shooting the video/taking the photo, the audience will not follow the vlogger. The Best vlogging cameras most recommended record at least 1080p or Full time HD. If the vlogger cannot afford the camera with 1080p then a camera that records at least 720p is preferable. Lower than this and there are chances of losing audience/subscribers very soon from the channel.

Audio: All of the best vlogging cameras have this feature, so that the audience do not have to put their ear to the video. This is a key area which plays a vital role in attracting your audience and entertaining them.

The lens: This is another important factor when purchasing the beast vlogging camera because a quality lens captures the detail clearly and delivers the message to the audience. If the footage is blurred, the audience will be distracted from the message. cameras have this as a standard option which help people in attracting and retaining their audiences.

Flip-screen: This helps the vlogger to focus on shooting video rather than being distracted by things in the immediate environment.

Wifi facility: In this contemporary age where technology is moving so fast, the ability to connect instantly with the world without cables has become essential. So cheap vlogging camera has this feature, which helps not only uploading the video and photos to the internet but also enables the sharing of data with smartphones.

Weight: Cameras are generally lightweight and do not strain your arms and are easy to carry and use for extended periods of time.

There are different types of cameras available in the market, with different features and price, ranging from budget to more expensive. The more expert the blogger, the more expensive camera he will buy.

The popularity.

Research shows that more than a billion people visit YouTube every month where they watch more than 7 billion videos on daily basis. Facebook issues a report which says that more than 100 million hours of video are watched by its users on the platform on daily basis. So it stands that vlogging has the greatest chance of booming in coming years as it is already at an intense level. It has become really easy to start, with basic equipment such as low costs for some of the best vlogging cameras. Shooting video for the first time might not be something you are comfortable with now, but that’s okay. Remember no one was born a champion vlogger, and it took time for the successful person to polish their skills and get at the top of the game.

Reports state that every month, 50 million people watch more than 1.6 billion minutes of video related to beauty and fashion on YouTube. Since 2006, there have been more than 14.6 billion views of videos with an average of 700 million views per month 2013. More than 40,000 channels exist which on beauty and fashion, with 97% of these videos created by the consumers. Young professional women who are working with their best vlogging cameras, shoot videos and upload them like their favourite vlogger Zoella, who has an average of 1 million views of her each videos.

Vlogging point

When vlogging it is necessary to keep in mind a few main things that help to boost the attraction. The first thing to take into account is Content. Content of your video while shooting it from your choice of the camera is the thing that will attract the attention of the viewer. Creating great video with the camera without having quality content is a waste of time.

Secondly the message of the video should be the related to the audience because they are the judges that rate you and take your rating up or down depending on the level of perfection you have while shooting and editing video the with camera. The part of the best vlogging camera is done when the video is finished, and then the skills of vloggers start by putting the video to life and enriching it with the perfect music and backgrounds.

Thirdly, you have to take care of the lighting. Light has great impact on the content as showing clear lighting, which works with the environment around it attracts more attention. Video where light and environment does not match with each other can have a negative effect on the viewer experience.

The final thing is to research the camera for the content, and to upgrade when you start to build your audience so that you are always providing the best quality.

The Cutting Edge Of New Technology In the Best Vlogging Camera.

There is another cutting edge technology which has emerged, and is becoming increasingly popular around the world, namely Mirrorless. One of the best things about Mirror Less cameras is that the lens can be changed, and they don't use the mirror and optical viewfinder such as that contained in a DSLR. In other words, they're similar with only very few differences. Most mirrorless cameras are built almost with the same size sensors as DSLRs, increasingly have similar lenses available, and offer a similar quality of image.

However, they have an amazing feature which is through-the-lens optical viewfinder, which is different from the DLSR’s, which have a dedicated autofocus module. Mirrorless cameras focus by using their imaging sensor. Mirrorless and DSLR cameras are available for different work levels and budgets and there aren’t any manufacturers whose do not have the mirrorless camera in their manufacturing line.

Few Advantages Of Mirrorless Camera

An interesting detail about mirror less cameras is that the mirror inside the camera design allows you a very short focal flange distance (the distance between the lens mount and the plane part of the sensor). Due to this short distance, lenses which have a large focal flange length in addition to a wide selection of mirrorless-dedicated lenses, mostly SLR lenses, can also fit onto your mirrorless camera as well.

The Industry Moving To A New Trend

There is a great debate on the most important photography forums about the future of the industry. There is a new competitor on the market that is gradually beating the traditional market of DSLRs and leaving it behind with their mirrorless cameras: The popular company, Sony. The DSLR industry has had a slower pace of change since 2012, as many companies appear to have reached the technological limit in these cameras. That is why a camera launched in that year, the Canon 5D Mark III, is still being considered the best DSLR, despite its lack of basic features like Wi-Fi.

Now Sony is rising as a shining star in the market because it has introduced flavour to the cameras again and crafted a product that is even more beautiful, stylish and functional.

It’s now said that mirrorless is going to be the future of photography. This is why everyone is recommended to take a close look at the mirrorless section; you may find some interesting features and cameras which may still be in great use of the next few years.

While DSLR cameras are the favourite of every Vlogging individual for YouTube, a compact camera is mostly more useful for vloggers who want to take the vlogging camera with them wherever they go. The compact cameras described below can record HD video that is equally as good when compared to a DSLR for quality. When recording travel vlogs, there isn’t any other way to go than with a small camera in hand.

Vlogging vs Blogging

Vlogs are video format of a one’s expression that serve both as a life documentary, and a way of communicating and interacting with the masses on the Internet. It not only builds up a communication channel between the audience and the presenter, but it also creates a relationship between them; a relationship which contains emotions. Take Zoella’s videos for example. The audience watch every one of her videos and follow every comment. Zoella would never have been recognised as a famous personality if she had not started making videos and maintaining her YouTube channel where she became popular with her fans. They not only watch her videos but follow her on other social networking sites and leave comments and messages with sentiments. That shows how great a way vlogging is to engage your audience. Every vlogger feels proud when they grab the best vlogging camera and start recording video and post them on YouTube channels where they increase their popularity and viewer numbers.

The best part of Vlogging is that the process of sharing experiences, information, memories and offer advice as it done in a video format, making it much easier when compared to written lengthy research or articles on the desired topic of the audience. It is not difficult for anyone to be vlogger, just take camera in hand

and travel. Famous vloggers have their YouTube channel as their platform to interact with their audience and entertain them by shooting interesting and attractive videos. Vloggers do not necessarily have to be professional at writing, but are experts at knowing the preferences of their people and shoot video accordingly.

When it comes to interacting with the audience, everyone has their own choice. Some choose vlogging some opt for blogging. Both ways of communication have their own things which the users enjoy depending on their preferences. If you are fond of interacting, then you will choose one of the methods.

Many young people want to be known as a star so vlogging and the use of the best vlogging camera is the thing which lifts them out of the crowd from where they become the unique face to the people and become popular. It helps them to connect with lots of people at once and make their own stage on which to perform. It is one thing to have a look at a Twitter picture of someone and then relate that with your tweets, but it is totally different thing to see a video of them. Vlogging helps them more personally connect with their target audience and lets them see not just your tweets, not just your writing content on your blog, but the way you communicate, the way your posture moves and things like that. It helps you to get connected on a more personal level. People love to connect with other people, real people and not necessarily just with popular brands and their company. There is a future of vlogging where it will not be limited to the YouTube but it will reach to the next level where it will be easy to show the world what you want and they will watch you, follow you and pursue what a vlogger asks them to follow.


Shooting a video through camera without any guidance or help can be very difficult, even more so if you don’t own one of the best cameras. One of the biggest need for YouTubers and daily vloggers when selecting a new camera, is the ability to have a front facing screen to make sure you’re in the shot when recording. Most of the time we do not realize how much we move around and move our hands. The best vlogging cameras are those that have autofocus and image tracking functions, so that they focus on your face and add life to the field shots when you are moving around. Vlogging has become a great business where young professionals are hired to shoot the video for brands through their vlogging camera and make them popular on their channel. The more subscribers a vlogger has, the more chances there are of reaching mass audience. Popular vloggers such as Zoella and Connor Franta have their own channel where they interact with their audiences and keep them alive by posting updated videos which are shot from their choice of the best cameras. vlogging is definitely something you should try out , and if you are thinking of vlogging on a regular basis then you will have to make sure to look into the Video SEO. This will provide people access to watch your videos directly on social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. While vlogging you should remember that vlogging is all about what message you are trying to deliver, and ensuring this is in the language of audience, letting the audience see your hidden personality. You tell people that you are a serious vlogger when you have one of the best vlogging cameras in your hand to shoot the video. You have the best video and audio you can, but don’t let a lack of vlogging equipment get you down and stop you from sharing your voice all over the world.

It is not easy to present oneself in any medium but vlogging involves multiples platforms, which makes it an easy way to communicate. The facts show a clear picture of how vlogging as a new form of communication is the best medium for self–presentation. Vlogging supports presentation of oneself in several ways. Presentation of self occurs in interaction where individuals present themselves in different ways based on their nature and personality. Some vloggers present themselves in a way that shows that their vlog is like their personal diary, where they can share their expression, memories and present these in a form that amuses the viewer. Vloggers also construct their own image in different ways to help shape their experiences by recording and posting a video to generate viewers’ response and to build communication.

Vlogging is a job that should done in order to build an empire but it is a passion that people follow. As Galileo once said “Passion is the genesis of genius”. Vlogging is not just about the choice of the best vlogging camera and looking for the best places to shoot video, it is more like a passion that people pursue.

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