Top 10 Best Vlogging Camera with flip screen – The ultimate Buying Guide

What Stands For Flip Screen?

Flip-screen is a principle in video games, where the playing atmosphere is divided into single-screen portions that can be seen from the top or the side or more rarely through an isometric view. We hope you will like Our list on 10 vlogging camera with flip screen

best vlogging camera with flip screen

Find the best vlogging camera with a flip screen?

So, you are searching to buy the top vlogging camera with a flip screen? Well, luckily you are in the correct place to know the ultimate guide to finding out the perfect vlogging camera with a flip screen. It is my assume that you are by now a vlogger and looking to improve to a better quality vlogging camera with a flip screen or you’re just about to launch a vlog and would like to procure a good vlogging camera to start with that.

In this review, we will spread out on what makes a camera high-quality for vlogging and draw attention to some of the best Vlogging Cameras in different price ranges so you can choose the perfectvlogging camera with a flip screen within your budget. This review highlighted the best Vlogging Cameras in 2018 and will frequently be updated. So, no more delay, let’s read right into it.

What Makes a Good Vlogging Camera and what camera do vloggers use?

​1. Image Quality: Obviously you want to produce beautiful and clear videos for your vlogs so the most significant aspect you need to think about the image quality of a camera. We suggest you look for a camera that can record at least 1080p or ‘Full HD.' If you cannot afford more, seek for a vlogging camera that shoots in at least 720p. If you are on a big budget and would like the best vlogging camera to go forward to choose a camera that shoots in 4K or ‘Ultra HD’. If you acquire a camera that shoots 4K, a good laptop you also need to edit and provide the footage on.
2. Weight: Cameras don’t need to weigh a lot The vlogging cameras suggested in our guide will be comparatively light so that you can carry them around all the day and you will not get pain while you are vlogging. During vlogging where the camera can be laid down on a tripod or no need to be carried around, in that case, we have also chosen some good vlogging cameras, especially for your needs.
3. Optical Image Stabilization: A common practice in vlogging while walking or doing activities of others that grip a lot of movement. Youtube and video editing software can help you to stabilize footage a lot, and it will not come near to the quality of a vlogging camera with built-in Optical Image Stabilization. To prevent shaky video footage and to improve the quality of your vlogs tremendously, this feature will help you.

4. Audio: Most of the cameras have a good built-in microphone’s and the more expensive cameras and also have a microphone jack, so you can improve to a good external microphone if you want that. of course you need good microphone for youtube

5. The Lens: To provide that most of your footage will be recorded from an arm’s length away it is significant to look for a vlogging camera with a lens that present excellent video quality while shooting from close range. Nothing is more irritating than being out of focus for the most of your vlog
6.Your Needs: If you vlog while on the move and capturing adventure an action cam may be better well-matched for you. Perhaps you need to have ideal audio, so you need a Vlogging Cameras with with good connectivity for external microphones. Therefore, think about the type of vlogs, you like to make and select the best vlogging camera that fits your needs.

Being a vlogger, it’s likely that you will look for the best Vlogging Cameras can facilitate you make sure everything is satisfactory while you are on the recording. You can save a lot of time on these cameras, and can help you making possible part-time vlogging.

For this reason, I’ve made a desirable list of the best cameras with the flip screen these are appropriate for your vlogging. Here is that:

Reviews of the 10 Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

Here I would like to present you a prepared list of the Vlogging cameras. You don’t think the first one in the list is the top of all. All of these cameras are good, and some are exceptional for particular needs. You should choose that one, which is perfect for your purpose.

1. Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Reviews

Canon’s Powershot G7X Mark II is the most up-to-date release that vloggers should be aware of, and that’s why we took it first on our list.

It’s an improved version of a small camera specially made for vlogging and nice to look. Contrasted to the G7 X, this camera is faster, provides better performance in low light, extended battery life with a new rubber grip.

I was very doubtful when it comes to new versions of cameras, but that was already good. Why is the G7 X great? It’s for his almost given-for-free lens. It’s a fast f/1.8 24-100mm lens that can zoom out sufficiently for you to record yourself in holding the camera and that can also zoom in as much as necessary to get rid of perspective distortion when you use it at home on a tripod.

That’s the most important feature, but it also provides many more advantages, for example:

Its quality in low light is fundamentally the best you could accomplish with a 1’ CMOS sensor camera.

It’s also approachable and has a swift, accurate autofocus. Its flip screen is as well a touch screen. As a result, you can, in fact, change its focus point with the tip of your finger in the middle of a video.

The camera quality depends especially on its lens; its manual mode and auto modes help to record superior quality videos for vlogging.

Note : This is one of the best vlogging camera with flipscreen for every vlogger

Camera Highlights

  • Improved version of a genuinely good camera for Vlogs.
  • Low-light performance is great.
  • ​Decent battery life for a compact camera.
  • Complete manual mode, as well as useful extras, is touch screen and WiFi)

Canon PowerShot G7 X is still now one of the best vlogging camera, but accepting a mic input, you could dig up one today.

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300

Lumix DMC-FZ300 from Panasonic is the cheap alternative to the Canon PowerShot G7 X. This camera shares a lot of excellent features with the Canon nevertheless, it gives up some for a lower price.
An external microphone port is one of the best things, which is in it.
For instance:
Max sensor resolution of it is only 12MP match up to the 20MP from the PowerShot. However, it is not so much important to megapixels; but it can record 4k video.
It appears that this camera still does better than the Canon PowerShot G7 X.
Its recording capacity 4k is something just crazy when you take its price into account.
Its battery lasts for longer (380 shots), but the camera is as heavy as almost twice (1.5lb).
By purchasing this camera, you will sacrifice the blurred background effect, some low-light performance, as well as easier to carry around; this still creates it a good choice to save some bucks and have a good point & shoot camera for your video blogging.
Admirable mentions:
Panasonic brand does not have many cameras, but a few ones they got are amazing for vlogging. That is the reason vloggers like the camera with a flip screen for vlogging.

Camera Highlights

  • 4k recording for a low price
  • Microphone port is external
  • ​Fully manual mode
  • Decent battery life for the price

3. Samsung NX mini

Samsung NX mini an excellent point & shoot camera with a flip screen can get hold for vlogging at your price range.

So, on the whole, you’ve got a low-priced camera that can make easy the job for vloggers. Amazing video quality can get from its recording, in low light, it’s easy to transport and has fair quality. It’s one of the best vlogging cameras when we consider its features to others and without any doubt it’s the established truth. It’s outstanding the value you get for vlogging for your money.

Samsung NX mini is truly an interchangeable lens camera. Two lenses in it, you can procure a 9-27mm lens and the fixed 9mm lens.

You are highly recommended to get the 9-27mm lens for vlogging. The 9mm fixed lens has a focal length of 24.3mm; it’s a wide-angle lens, but don’t have the option of zooming in.

From the 9-27mm you will get the opportunity to complete full shots using a small zoom. Simultaneously, you will have the possibility to use the zoom midway to get the standard focal length around 50mm.

Camera Highlights

  • Decent performance in low light
  • Exterior microphone port
  • ​Small and pocketable device
  • ​Included useful extras (WiFi and Touchscreen)

4. Samsung NX 500

Samsung has released great flip screen cameras that are good options for vloggers.

One of best vlogging cameras is the Samsung NX 500. This camera is a 4k DSLR trapped in a tiny body. A lot of value added here for vloggers. It can record DSLR-like quality video has a light camera.

This camera is a high-quality camera that comes with the most excellent of both worlds: in a small body a bigger sensor

It is lighter than the compact Canon G7X but has the sensor size of a Canon EOS 70D. This is a significant advantage for your vlogging job.

The quality of its recording is somewhere between the Canon G7X and the EOS 70D.

Its autofocus feature is especially useful, excellent high ISO performance and superior Dynamic range. This last feature permits you to use the camera with no worrying too much regarding lighting. Still, to use this advantage, you need post-production knowledge.

This camera also has an interchangeable-lens available from Samsung with a high-resolution LCD flip screen.

One disadvantage of any mirrorless is the span of its battery life. It can last up to 370 shots. It is around the equal duration of a Canon T6i. Consequently, you should keep a spare battery.

Camera Highlights

  • Big sensor though it’s a small camera
  • Extensive selection of good lenses
  • ​Able to 4k Video Recording
  • Good extras are (WiFi, Luggability, and Touchscreen)

5. Sony a5100 Vlogging camera reviews

Without any doubt, the Sony a5100 is one of the best affordable mirrorless Vlogging  cameras. And if I were to suggest you one to start your vlogging channel, I would advise you to accumulate money for one of its.

Sony a5100 is to be considered better than the G7X; you will require investing in a good lens. I would like to say that the a5100 is like having a G7X that is upgradeable through investing in real lenses which need spending at least $200-300 more.

If you own the G7X, you won’t be dissatisfied with its performance for what you want.

The Sony a5100 is almost 100g lighter, so it’s easier to carry around, and it has a flip-up touchscreen. For the rest, they perform in the same way well for video, so that’s why I attach with this one for vlogging. It’s a comfortable camera for vlogging , and you can carry it out without any effort.This is one of the best sony vlogging camera ever

6. Canon VIXIA mini X Vlogging camera review

A mini size camera, but not tiny on features, is the Canon VIXIA mini X. As it is a product from the famous camera manufacturer, quality images, and videos you can expect from this device. At first glimpse, the mini X can easily be mistaken for a Taser gun or an electric razor. But regardless of its peculiar appearance, it can complete its job quite well. This camera is equipped with a 12.8 MP High-Sensitivity CMOS image sensor and the unique Canon DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor, even within poor lighting, videos are captured well. Fisheye lens has fixed in it too; that may twist your video a bit, but it looks cool if like its creative effect. The mini X can also record full HD video in MP4 or AVCHD formats and store them on SD cards. An excellent additional feature of this device is that the built-in microphone faces the subject being recorded. This camera is perfect for vlogging as the sound is picked up well as you speak in front of the camera. If you’re taking it all along with you, the image stabilization feature is supportive in making your recordings less unsteady. Canon VIXIA mini X also has a nice flip screen that opens upward.

One more close competitor for the Vlogging Cameras with Flip up Screen is the Samsung NX3000. This mirrorless camera is like a maximize from the NX Mini regarding looks and features. When the NX Mini has a fixed zoom lens, the NX3000 allocates more room for intermediate camera users to fidget with as the lens are variable and allows you to add a flash gun. Just like its younger sibling, it has a flip up screen rotatable up to 180 degrees. It’s a feature perfect for your vlogging. In the interior, it carries a 20.3 Megapixel CMOS Sensor which allows you, for recording 1080p high definition video. WiFi system also has built-in with NFC. As a result, you’ll have an easy time uploading all those videos which you just made. The NX3000 also bunched in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 so you can edit your photos on your computer.

Sony DSC-W800/B Black Digital Camera with 20.1 Megapixels is incredibly easy to use slipping right in your pocket, always ready to capture a memory at a moment's notice. Get closer to distant subjects with 5x optical zoom, then snap gorgeous 20.1MP photos or record beautifully detailed HD video.

Sony DSC-W800/B Digital vlogging Camera review :

  • 20.1-megapixel motion with high-quality immobile images and video recordings

Featuring landscape mode with 720p HD Movie Recording, Face revealing Technology, Optical stable Shot Image Stabilization, and Blink Detection

  • Sony zoom lens amid 5x optical/10x digital zoom on this high-quality digital camera

Equivalent to a 26-130mm lens on an analog camera with Multi-point AF, Center-weighted AF, Glass Lens

  • 2.7" Clear Photo LCD screen

Featuring brilliance Adjustment, Graphical User edge, color LCD screen

  • Sony digital camera with 5x optical zoom has built-in flash with Auto On/Off, highly developed Flash and Slow-Sync Flash

It is constantly ready to capture extraordinary images at a snap with the sleek and slim Canon PowerShot Elph 350 HS 20.2MP Digital Camera with 12X Optical Zoom. This camera is also lightweight and compact, the PowerShot Elph 350 travels everywhere you do, from attractive vacation destinations for a day after day outings. Turn any moment into a sharp, vibrant 20.2MP photograph or 1080p Full HD video recording just by pointing and clicking. Featuring 12X Optical Zoom as well as image stabilization for clearer pictures even while you are in motion, the Canon PowerShot Elph 350 captures digital photography to a whole new level of ease and convenience.This is the best vlogging camera right now . Check here for more products buying guide

  • Megapixels: 20.200 MP
  • Sensor Type: CMOS Sensor
  • Zoom: 12.000 x,Optical Digital 4.000 x

You can make selfie that gets plenty of likes with the thin, stylish Nikon Coolpix S6900 Wi-Fi Digital Camera. The camera's 3.0" Vari-angle LCD flips all the way around to face you. To keep the camera in an ideal selfie position, a built-in kickstand assists. While you're ready to get a shot, you can use the suitable front shutter button. Otherwise, you can just wave your hand to use Nikon's cool Gesture Control feature! You can also share exceptional images directly to your compatible smartphone or tablet using built-in Wi-Fi and NFC. Additional features: Full HD 1080p Videos, ISO up to 6400, Vibration Reduction, 16MP CMOS Sensor, 12x Zoom-NIKKOR ED Glass Lens, plus more!


Our guideline to finding the perfect vlogging camera with a flip screen within your budget and needs and we hope you have found the just right vlogging camera for you! It is our highest recommendation for you also add an SD card to your shopping card when making the procurement and maybe even an additional battery, depending on which vlogging camera you choose and if you have access to a charger during the day.I think camera is the best equipment for youtube gaming and vlogging

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