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53 Boyfriend Tag Questions for Youtube

Boyfriend tag questions are some of the most popular vlog posts on Youtube and are one of the best ways to get your boyfriend in front of the camera.

Who doesn’t love a good couples q&a, they are not only great fun but a great way to introduce your significant other to your loyal followers!!!

They are both fun, silly and an informative way for your audience to learn at little bit about the two of you and your relationship.

Boyfriend Tag Questions

The most obvious boyfriend taq questions to ask first are “how did we meet” or “what is my nickname” if you are a little bit stuck for more here is our huge list for you to choose from:

1. How did we meet?

2. When is my birthday?

3. What is my favorite food?

4. How many pets do I have ?

5. What was the name of my childhood imaginary friend?

6. Do I have any talents?

7. Do I like tea or coffee?

8. If I could be any one famous, who would it be?

9. How many are in my family?

10. What is the name of my favorite teacher?

11. What is my dream job?

12. How many countries have I been to?

13. What are some of my good habits?

14. What are some of my bad habits?

15. Do I have an phobias?

16. Do I have any annoying habits?

17. Who is my arch enemy in life?

18. Who is my best friend?

19. How old was I when I had my first kiss?

20. Am I a religious person?

21. Do I have any allergies?

23. What is my favorite flavor of ice-cream?

24. Can I roll my tongue?

25. What is my favorite sport?

26. Do I speak any other languages

27. Can I swim?

28. What is my biggest fear?

29. Am I afraid of the dark?

30. What is my favorite dessert?

31. What is my favorite entre?

32. Am I a morning or night person?

33. Do I know how to drive a car?

34. Do I take too long to get ready before going out?

35. What is my middle name?

36. Can I dance?

37. What was my nickname in school?

38. Where was our first date?

39. How many siblings do I have?

40. Do I have any hobbies?

41. When was the first time you said “I love you”  to me?

42. What is your favorite thing about me?

43. What is my favorite movie?

44. Who is my favorite singer?

45. What is our song as a couple?

46. What was I wearing on our first date?

47. What were your first impressions of me?

48. Do I prefer apartments or houses?

49. What style of clothing do I prefer?

50. If I could live anywhere where would it be?

51. What is my regular Starbucks order?

52. Who is my favorite YouTuber?

53. Do I get angry when hungry?

If you are stuck for some Youtube vlog ideas then the boyfriend tag question vlog is one of the easiest and fun topics you can shoot at home on the couch.

We hope you have found our list of the boyfriend tag questions helpful and you have fun with them!