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53 Boyfriend Tag Questions for Youtube

Boyfriend tag questions are some of the most popular vlog posts on Youtube and are one of the best ways to get your boyfriend in front of the camera.

Who doesn’t love a good couples q&a, they are not only great fun but a great way to introduce your significant other to your loyal followers!!!

They are both fun, silly and an informative way for your audience to learn at little bit about the two of you and your relationship.

Boyfriend Tag Questions

The most obvious boyfriend taq questions to ask first are “how did we meet” or “what is my nickname” if you are a little bit stuck for more here is our huge list for you to choose from:

1. How did we meet?

2. When is my birthday?

3. What is my favorite food?

4. How many pets do I have ?

5. What was the name of my childhood imaginary friend?

6. Do I have any talents?

7. Do I like tea or coffee?

8. If I could be any one famous, who would it be?

9. How many are in my family?

10. What is the name of my favorite teacher?

11. What is my dream job?

12. How many countries have I been to?

13. What are some of my good habits?

14. What are some of my bad habits?

15. Do I have an phobias?

16. Do I have any annoying habits?

17. Who is my arch enemy in life?

18. Who is my best friend?

19. How old was I when I had my first kiss?

20. Am I a religious person?

21. Do I have any allergies?

23. What is my favorite flavor of ice-cream?

24. Can I roll my tongue?

25. What is my favorite sport?

26. Do I speak any other languages

27. Can I swim?

28. What is my biggest fear?

29. Am I afraid of the dark?

30. What is my favorite dessert?

31. What is my favorite entre?

32. Am I a morning or night person?

33. Do I know how to drive a car?

34. Do I take too long to get ready before going out?

35. What is my middle name?

36. Can I dance?

37. What was my nickname in school?

38. Where was our first date?

39. How many siblings do I have?

40. Do I have any hobbies?

41. When was the first time you said “I love you”  to me?

42. What is your favorite thing about me?

43. What is my favorite movie?

44. Who is my favorite singer?

45. What is our song as a couple?

46. What was I wearing on our first date?

47. What were your first impressions of me?

48. Do I prefer apartments or houses?

49. What style of clothing do I prefer?

50. If I could live anywhere where would it be?

51. What is my regular Starbucks order?

52. Who is my favorite YouTuber?

53. Do I get angry when hungry?

If you are stuck for some Youtube vlog ideas then the boyfriend tag question vlog is one of the easiest and fun topics you can shoot at home on the couch.

We hope you have found our list of the boyfriend tag questions helpful and you have fun with them!

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel

Nowadays starting a YouTube Gaming Channel has become more popular among teens and young adults.

Statistics shows that about 155 million people in the US play games regularly and spend three to more hours per weeks.

The age range of the gamers is thirteen to thirty-five. And, it is fascinating that four out of five households just buy a video game console.

An average number of years of playing games is thirteen. This indicates the same range of time that most students spend from pre-school to high school graduation. It is enough for gaming education. In this post we will discuss about Top Equipment to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

American non-digital video game sales remained consistent in 2021 with 13.13 Billion dollars. Definitely, it has a big market.

Consequently, technopreneurs move their heads this day to create innovative YouTube gaming channels with more interest.

But, do you know that gamers usually earn money on their individual gaming video uploaded on YouTube channel by playing video games? You may wonder in making YouTube gaming channel as well.

Now the question arises that you don’t know software coding, how it is possible to make a game? Forget the possibility; just believe in your mind that you can. Truly this channel to create is quite easy. So, get started. In order to make such channel you just need applying some tricks and uses of some software.

If you want to do interviews you will need to know what camera for Youtube, a simple DSLR or your phone is best.

Why Video Gaming YouTube Channel?

There are a lot of video gaming YouTube channels. You can daily publish videos about playing video games.

Some of these may receive millions of views. This really allows the video makers to be rich enough simply doing the activity.

In fact, playing a video game is getting so popular this day that the Google has acquired its videogame-streaming service website comparatively twitch for about one billion dollars.

The Equipment to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

The equipment you need for a gaming channel is some popular gaming console like PlayStation or Xbox and a few extra accessories.


To start a new YouTube video gaming channel, the equipment is quite far different than starting a general YouTube Channel. When it is about to choose the best gaming platform, it’s just a matter of preference.

However, if you want to appeal to wider audience, then you should probably choose from the most popular gaming systems on the market today – the PS4, XBOX, and your own personal computer.

1. PlayStation

The PS4 formerly known as PlayStation is mostly known to the game lover teenagers. It has a user-friendly interface with neat sharing features.

If you are planning to move as a beginner, it must be a good one to start at least one video game every week for your YouTube channel. Hence, PlayStation is considered to be the best for many popular games like Infamous and God of War, Uncharted.

If you are interested in playing online with multiplayer modes, you need to pay for the membership of PlayStation Network (PSN) of $60 yearly or $10 monthly.

2. Nintendo Wii U Console 32GB (Black) – (Certified Refurbished)

You can add Nintendo on your YouTube channel to embrace with local multiplayer games designed for various people such as the Wii Sports and even Super Mario Galaxy series.

Extra Wiimotes purchasing with the Wii U combines more specialized, remote style gesture controllers is really inexpensive, so it is quite easy to have enough fun for family and friends to get in action.

3. Microsoft Xbox One ​

XBOX is one of the most popular choices for YouTube gaming. Nonetheless, this console is awesome for its entertaining features, network constancy, and backward compatibility.

The Xbox is considered to have the home of Gears of War and Forza, Halo. The Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold also charges a subscription fee. This is One of the best Equipment for YouTube Gaming Channel

4. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Console

If you search for budget gaming with a huge library of titles, you can buy either the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. It is just existing generation consoles.

There are plenty of games for the older Xbox and PlayStation that are exclusive to either platform.

With multiplayer gaming console, you can still play online on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The main feature is that you can play online without a PlayStation Plus account.

Software and Applications to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

Now that you’ve played some rounds of God of War, Halo or World of Warcraft and you’re done recording, now it’s time to edit the videos.

As with game consoles and hardware, there are a lot of different video editing apps and software options from which you can make a choice. However, among many other popular video gaming YouTube channel celebrities, most prefer to use Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro.

Adobe Premier Pro is extremely popular and is timeline-based. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

After Effects and Photoshop will make your video something animated and it is really eye catching. It just deals such video that your mind wanted masking with spectacular transitions. It definitely complements professional touch and the quality to finished product.

The video editing software like Camtasia would really be helpful for video game editing and will add your gaming video more professional. This will consequently add more interest to the subscribers.

Camtasia is easy and designed for beginners and Pro level gamers so this is important Equipment to Start a YouTube Gaming

Final Cut Pro is little more famous when it comes to video editing. In fact, it has already edited a lot of well-known movies and films.

This software developed by Apple Inc. is comparatively easy to use. However, this software is exclusively for Mac users.

Do think our article is end on Equipment to Start  YouTube Gaming Channel ? No Here is more tips for youtube gamers and vloggers

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel

Yes, this channel has a great appeal to engage with game lovers’ community. I think all age’s people in the worlds love to play games including infants as well ..

Mr. Pewdiepie has earned the highest on YouTube, reportedly makes a huge approximately 12 million dollars per year through merely video gaming YouTube channel. 

Worldwide the Global Games Market profits from ‘Let’s Play video game’ videos are absolutely great and it has planned to reach up to $107 billion within the next year.My friends from Sea Slug Team helped me about knowing this.

So, this is the time for you to make money playing video games. You need to do exactly what a video gaming YouTube channel does.

Of course, it will take much more effort to make YouTube game channel widespread. Moreover, the success much depends on your dedication and hard work in order to make your channel popular enough on YouTube, thereby attaining several views.


Branding your YouTube channel is an important thing to succeed on YouTube. Without good branding, you will never be able to discern your channel from thousands of other channels available.

Here is a question may arise how will you create an exclusive brand for the video gaming channel? an attractive name you have to choose that is something impressive. 

Then you need a good, detectable logo and a fashionable cover picture relating to the gaming channel. Since the viewer can intimately be familiar with the vision of your channel.

You can prefer the design and channel logo from any logo creating app for free on an android phone, brand related picture editing, and the intro video to introduce yourself.

Upload Videos Daily

After completing your brand, you have to focus on your business. Since your business will create a consistent content for your channel. Try to make a plan to publish minimum one video every day for the channel.

As you love video game, it won’t be too much difficult for you. For instance, what you can, just simply record by screen recorder like Snagit to play your favorite game for at least minutes.

The more content you create, the more your channel will become popular and soon you will have the monetization of it.

Use Variety of Contents

In order to keep your Youtube video ideas more interesting and adhere to your audience, you just need to upload various types of contents. There are so many ways to make money on YouTube.

You need to reply various audiences to attract as much interest as possible and soon you will get more views your YouTube videos. Since “Let’s Play” is much more popular, you share these videos every Monday.

Consequently, people will keep their eyes to watch your videos as you are offering them a variety of content for their enjoyment.

Ask for Subscribe

You should remember that once you ask your viewers to subscribe at the end of every video including video descriptions. Because the more subscribers to your YouTube channel will consider the popularity of your channel.

 Day by day the more people will subscribe to your channel. Therefore, make sure continuously encouraging people to subscribe to your channel, so that they can watch the latest videos.

Offer Prizes

Offering a prize to your viewers in special days and events like Valentine’s Day, New Year greetings, or Marry Christmas Day. This not only keeps your channel subscribers happy, it will take your channel more clout.

You can also give a prize while you reach a targeted number of subscribers on holidays in no time releasing of certain big name games.

When you show a great value to your subscribers, they will continuously respond returning to your channel. Even they would like to refer their friends to subscribe your channel. This is the way you can get more profit from video gaming YouTube channel.

There is no one who wants to make money with a hobby that he loves. Like the way, I guess your passion is a video game. Then why not turn your head to create a new video gaming YouTube channel and get along to start making money.

The tips noted above are just a few of several ways to turn your passion into profit. But this is true, not everybody can earn as much as Pewdiepie. If you can reach even one percent, you will have a handsome amount of money.

Final Thoughts

WE write this article on Equipment to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel to clear that Starting video gaming channel in YouTube is not so complex as many people think. Most of the gaming equipment will be a matter of personal preference for buying.

You also use some software for free like Fillmore for video and audio editing, and SnagIt for video capturing.

However, you need to think and choose wisely. Actually, some of these things may require for learning, but you should be able to figure out with a little investment of time.

Nevertheless, you should provide excellent commentary and keep connecting with your audience. Truly, the right kit can primarily set you distant from the rest, but your viewers would be most engrossed in the quality.​

20 YouTube Video Ideas for Girls

​YouTube is the biggest video sharing website in the world now. People browse over this website for the purpose of watching a different kind of videos.

The number of girls using YouTube is numerous. As a girl, if you want to start YouTubing firstly you have to open your channel. But after opening your channel you might face the video idea crisis problem.

Are you confused on what topic you should make videos on YouTube? Time not to worry. For helping you out of this situation, we have bought you some YouTube video ideas for girls in this article.

​20 YouTube Video Ideas for Girls

We are providing Youtube video ideas for eradicating the YouTube video idea crisis from the girls and helping them to start YouTubing from now on. Now, here is a list of video ideas for girls below. Let’s see what can you do on YouTube.

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1. Morning Routine Video

As a girl, you must have some routine works that you follow after getting up at morning. If you are running a channel on YouTube, you can share what you do every morning.

Besides, you can also suggest other girls on your video that what good habit they should grow and routine works they should do every morning. For example, you can suggest them some mandatory works brushing teeth, taking shower, changing night suit etc.

2. Night Time Routine Video

Like morning, you must have some tasks that you perform before going to bed at night. You can share your daily activities before going to night in your video.

Also, you can suggest them to build up these good habits every night. For example, you can suggest them to brush teeth, changing clothes etc.

It will help them to grow good habits and keep them healthy. Moreover, if your video would helpful to them, you may get a lot of your admirer.

3. Makeup Tutorials

You may be good at adorning yourself with makeup for different functions or purpose. Also, you might know many hidden techniques of make-over that many of the girls on the internet doesn’t know. Don’t just keep it hidden in yourself. 

You can make makeup tutorial videos on YouTube channel to teach the other girls on the internet to know the make-up techniques.

If they can easily follow your tutorials and do the make-up stuff by themselves, you might get a lot of your followers so pick a vlogging camera  and start vlogging.

4. Hair Tutorials

Many of the girls on the internet find a video on adorning their hair as hair style is one of the vital parts of a girl’s outlook. You may know many techniques of adorning your hair. Also, you may know the secret tips of keeping the hair healthy and shining.

Let other girls know these tips and techniques instead of hiding it. For this purpose, make hair tutorial videos and publish them on your YouTube channel.

5. 50 Things You Don’t Know about me

You must have your own personality. Also, you may like to do something which is quite unique. Moreover, you have many thoughts that other people do not think about.

Besides, you also may have some great talent in yourself. So, don’t be late. Identify your hidden talent and all your qualities and make a video on it. Finally, publish it on your YouTube channel and let people know about yourself.

6. Top 5 Favorite Things to Do

You may have some personal choice of works that you like to do often. If you have a YouTube channel let people know about yourself by expressing your favorite things that you like.

For this reason, make a video telling people about it. In this video, you can enlist your top 5 favorite works and describe it one by one.

From this video, people will get to know about your favorite works and it might seem interesting to them. Eventually, some people may start to do the works following you getting inspiration from you.

7. Makeup Collection

Are you a freak of make-up? Have you got a huge collection of common or uncommon make-ups? Time not to hide it. Let people know what you have got in your make-up box.

You can create a video telling people what you have collected in your make-up box to adorn yourself for special occasions.

Also, you can show people your exclusive and latest collection which may inspire them to collect it from the market. Moreover, your quality make-up box presentation can help you to get a lot of subscribers.

8. Make How to Tutorials

Many girl search for videos in YouTube like How to do Something. If you have your own channel on YouTube, you can make how to tutorials for girls. Make a good research what type of how-to guidelines girls look for.

Afterward, create those how to a tutorial with beautiful presentation and easy instructions. It will help many girls to find their desired how to tutorials and they might become your great fans.

9. Create Gameplay Video that You Like

You may like many of the games of your choice as a girl. Many girls look for gameplay videos on YouTube to know how to play the particular game.

You can set the camera in front of your PC screen and play your favorite game expertly. Eventually, you can publish it on your YouTube channel. It will get a huge response from your subscribers.

Starting ​a Youtube gaming channel may well be the best decision you ever make!

10. Make Drawing Tutorials

Is making drawing your favorite leisure time work? Don’t just keep it on a paper in the real world. Spread your drawing skills to the virtual world via your YouTube channel.

You can make a drawing in front of the camera and also describe it how to draw that easily. It will help your subscribers to learn the drawing technique from you over the internet. Certainly, you will get a lot of admiration from your followers.

11. Dress Collection

Are you a great collector of exclusive design dresses? Then let people know what you have in your cart. Make a video showing your exclusive and adorable design dresses to the people and publish it on your channel.

If you can present the dresses nicely, it may inspire them to follow your collection and you will get a great response and it’s one of creative YouTube video ideas. you can also collect sunglasses too

12. Make Video on Your Favorite Outfits

As a girl, you have own choice of outfits according to different times. You can express your preferable and favorite choice to the people of the whole world by making a video on it.

Finally, publish it on your channel to let people know what you prefer to wear on different occasions.

13. Book Review

Do you read books regularly? Then this suggestion is for you. You can make videos by reviewing your read books and inspire people to collect the book and acquire knowledge by reading it.

Also, book reviews are much preferable to many of the people all over the globe and its best video ideas for girls

14. Movie Review

Are you a movie freak? Then this video making idea is for you. As being a movie freak you may watch many movies have a broad idea about movies.

Also, you can understand every inch and corner of the movies. So, start creating videos reviewing movies and let people watch this visiting on your channel.

15. Gardening Tutorial Video

Is your hobby is gardening? For this reason, you might a great knowledge on gardening. For this reason, you can make videos advising other people how they can start gardening and look after their garden. If your video would very helpful to them, you will get a huge amount of your fans.

16. Motivational Speaking for Girls

Many girls may become hopeless in their life. If you are able to deliver motivational words, don’t keep it inside yourself. Create videos delivering the motivational words in front of the camera and publish it on your channel.

17. Workout Video

Workout  videos idea on of the best Youtube video idea for girls If you are conscious of your fitness, you might do a workout on a regular basis.

Don’t just do that your own. Let the girls on YouTube watch your workout. Make a video of your fitness works and inspire them to do so to keep themselves healthy.i thinks this is best funny video ideas

18. Skill Show-off Video

Have you many hidden skills that people don’t know. Time not to hide it. Express yourself in front of the virtual world. Show your skills in front of the camera and make a video.

Afterward, upload it on your YouTube channel. If your skills amaze the people you will get a good response.

19. Music Related Video

Are you good at music? Have you the capability to play different musical instruments? Also, can you cover famous songs or can you compose songs and sing them?

If you have this talent, do it setting a camera in front of you and make a video. Certainly, you will get a good response from your fans.

20. Gift Guide Video

Many girls get confused about what gift they should give to their lovable person on different occasions. If you have a good idea on that, make videos providing a quality guide of gifts for the various occasion.

It will be helpful for many people and you will get admiration from the people all over the world.

From the number of ideas mentioned above, you might have discovered your capability. Also, you have identified on what topic you are making a video to get started on YouTube being a girl. Hope, this article will inspire you to start YouTubing and get famous on YouTube. Go, girls.

Youtube Sponsorship – How to Get Sponsors on YouTube

​Most YouTubers these day engaged themselves in searching how to get sponsors for YouTube without finding some tricks. 

Can you imagine that how many YouTube audiences have viewed the dance of ‘Gangnam Style’? Probably beyond your guess.

This merely funny dance just got attractive and it has reached more than one billion views. Oh my God!

How is it possible?


This is true. And if I say can you do something like that? Then what will you find dance in a new style? Ok great. So why not other options those are still undiscovered or not invented.

Consequently, in order to make more YouTube viewers, you need to be unique in presenting whatever you present just start with all your dedication.

Basically, YouTube viewers may have some common interest this day about searching YouTube videos.

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And the up-loader who are interested making money start the way the viewers want. You just need to read the mind of viewers.

This way, first you need to be informed about the audience interest.

Then start uploading their related videos with more stunning and it should be up to date with generation interest.

Even we know, the viewers may search on their related information to have like contextual information, educational, professional and their personal interest.

There are also various types of YouTube viewers who loves searching fun and prank videos.

Really it’s just like a big concern to get more YouTubers. So, what do you need is to categorize the audience interest and the make some subgroups to with by default link.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube?

1. Right Videos Right Moment

There is one more important thing that you have to consider yourself about the right videos for the right time including the right audience. It will automatically boost up YouTube subscribers and like.

The viewers want the event watching in real time and they feel interested in following your channel. Even they share their friends about your channel if it includes catchy videos. Soon you realize your YouTube channel is going to be favorite.

Likely, if your channel is related to sports, you can simultaneously share the exciting moments of sports such as baseball or rugby and post the link to juice some of the sports groups whether Facebook or Twitter.

2. Classify Audience

You no need to make a huge list for searching Youtube sponsors. What do you need? You just need focusing on your audience. Find their average age. What platform they usually like the best and search which groups they daily use on Facebook groups. In addition, find out their style and trends that they track.

What place do they go for shopping? How many brands they love and why do engage themselves in those brands? Search products that they feel interested in purchasing? Try to answer the questions.

Then all you have a great thing. Soon you will have a better starting for which you can classify different types of brands to start approaching for a sponsorship. 

Consequently, you may realize that sponsorship is two types. What can you get from a Sponsor? You can get in cash and in response, your expected sponsor will get disclosure, good reviews, etc. in order to buy their products.

3. Promote with Time Doctor

Time doctor is a smart software tool for you to get a notification at the right time for posting your YouTube videos. No matter what number of audiences known to you, just upload videos maintained the schedule of time doctor.

Even if they are few, soon your channel appears with a huge traffic by their references. The things you need to make some videos to upload before any events, important days.

4. Brands

Do not hesitate to name a brand. Because a merely brand name may turn popular for the demand of time. You just need to find out the name according to targeted audience. Any brand you can start with.

But remember that you should create a trailer for your channel. This will indicate the caption and purpose of your channel. In order to make it more attractive, you can use after effects in the video. Then all you need is product reviews of different products into the channel.

Now you may find how to market their brand. To accomplish this procedure, you just need to set some sponsorship. For instance, you can expose your videos on social media to have a certain amount of money.

It almost increases your money made different price points to have various sponsorship plans which provide value. You can apply different approaches for the brand promotion of your YouTube channel.

5. Do Research


If You don’t know How to Get Sponsors for YouTube? You should Definitely Research First  You can confirm your various brands; the audience will find relevant one among these. If you have a better idea, select what you can offer. Before doing this you can do some research on those brands. You should not choose about big name brands. Look for simple and smaller one.

Stick to the startup brands and it will make quality products. Soon, your fans and viewers would be interested in your channel. By doing brand research, keep watching the brands exactly you think and it could really make benefits for sponsoring your YouTube channel.

Find out either they are new and looking forward to increasing their targets or they are an established brand but eagerly looking to expand into another one. Then all you have to do; while you are going to make a proposal for a sponsorship, just use this information.

6. Quality Sponsorship Proposals For Youtube Sponsors

Quality sponsorship proposals have some benefits to get more and more sponsors. Do not hesitate to write a sponsorship proposal letter. I do believe, they would receive proposals for sponsorship if they comply with and spot out the interest for sponsorship quickly.

A personalized sponsorship proposal for individual companies you approach, very soon they will realize noticing it and consider your channel more seriously. Try to introduce yourself properly and write some good description about your channel content.

Ensure how a sponsorship can benefit their business. Always get yourself in focused and possibly specific. Hence, let them know about your plan and how you can make sure their sponsorship to be successful.

7. Reach Out to Brands

If you have chosen the companies to move for your desired sponsorship, you just need to write some proposals. First, what you need, you should browse their websites and find out ‘Contact Us’ page in order to have their email and address.

Then, take a deep look at the links whether they have any procedure for approaching for sponsorship. You may have live customer service as well to contact the concerning person. If there’s not, write to a relevant email address for contact.

Moreover, you can check several sponsorship platforms to research individual brands. Anyways, before finding sponsors of your YouTube channel, you should fill out 2 more conditions:

  • Boosting for Social Proofs

Boosting for social proofs is truly important for making a great YouTube channel and it is considered as worthwhile and lucrative to the investors. You should purchase some subscribers investing little bit money searching on google about Buy YouTube Subscribers.

This is trusted side and a quality place to afford customers with non-drop subscribers. Such affordable price with high-quality subscribers that you hardly find in anywhere. In addition, they follow the secured system including 90days retention and 100% money back guarantee.

  • Keep Continuing with Creative Videos

Before uploading the video, you should always remember what is the reason for starting your channel. Then what you do, you should not concentrate much more on ads. Just remember, putting ads in the videos is just a job to retain the channel by which you can ensure some incomes.

Again, it is still not sufficient for you to take seriously to be part in such kind of career. Never quit learning of other successful YouTubers. You should get experienced consulting to the websites like Blog-Sell Real Likes. Mention the money you ask for sponsors on your YouTube channel. Follow some strategy to attract sponsors.

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Collaboration with ‘Channel Pages’, Multi-Channel Network, and ‘Grapevines are mostly trusted for YouTube sponsor. You should not wait for any sponsors willingly come to you. Rather, find yourself, such sponsors.

Choose a product that would be the best to you for reviewing in order to send your company email. Better try to find out about the companies that are just starting and they need publicity. Please email them why you are interested in their product. How you can integrate it into your video.

You should not exaggerate how well the product is. Try to figure out Pros and Cons about the product. Unauthorized music should not be chosen for your channel. You should not post adult pictures or videos.

If it so, Youtube will fire your account and cancel the partnership with Google. You should put more quality content. Then, use business email for business inquiries about the channel. Never include dubious materials on your channel.

What Camera Do YouTubers Use

If you find yourself lately thinking about starting a video blog on YouTube. You might wonder about what camera do YouTubers use?

Well, I am here to help answer that very question for you. In order to help you decide, we must first look at some of the obvious, and not so obvious reasons to purchase a good camera.

This includes different types of cameras, what features are important to YouTubers, what is the average price of a good camera, and what are the risks of a mediocre camera. But let’s start with the basics.

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Before we get into youtubers Camera to help them stand out. First, let’s look at vlogs.

A video blog, or vlog, is a video that is created, not necessarily with the intent to make money, but rather to get the creators voice, on any topic they wish to discuss, heard by the public.

These videos are then posted to such sites as YouTube. The videos can be fun or serious; provocative or informative; personal or universal.

Many vlogs are created as a teaching tool and more and more people are turning to YouTube to learn how to do even basic everyday tasks.

There is almost an endless amount of Youtube channel ideas so you should never run out of material.

Given the popularity of YouTube as a source of information, creating a good video is key to a good vlog. What camera do YouTubers to create a good video?

Types of Cameras

What camera do vloggers use, may have popped into your mind? Well, there are several options available. Let’s look at just a few types.

Some basic cameras are found on mobile devices, such as phones, tablets and portable media players. These cameras are quite advanced for what they are; however, true vloggers may wish to use a camera with more options.

Other types of cameras include compact digital cameras, such as standard, zoom or advanced as well as adventure compact cameras.

These cameras, with the right options will meet the need of most vloggers. They tend to be less expensive and more portable than other cameras. Adventure compact camera tend to be more durable than other cameras.

For a more professional vlog, you might consider a more advanced digital single-lens reflex camera or DSLR, or even a mirrorless camera, both have interchangeable lens.

This option would be good for a professional vlogger or someone with low light conditions.

Finally, you could choose a camcorder. This option might work best for someone who wants to record a vlog without extra features of standard cameras. This options is often best for new vloggers.

There are several resources available for you on the internet to help you further learn about what camera do YouTubers use.

For now, we will touch these features to help you decide what is right for you.

What Camera Do YouTubers Use to Film?

1. Mobile Devices

Perhaps the best option for you to use to get started is simply your mobile device. There are a lot of camera apps available to help you get started. Just be aware of the quality of your videos.

2. Compact vs. DSLR

One of these will most likely be your top choice. But first you must decide what your content will be and how you are going to use this camera.

One important decision to make regarding what vlogging camera that YouTubers use is how the vlog will be created. Will there be a lot of action or will it be mostly filmed from a stationary position?

What Camera do vloggers use if you will be moving a lot? A smaller, more compact camera might be your best choice in this case. Perhaps even an adventure type camera.

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These cameras are often smaller and lightweight; however, the features tend to be more limited than other more expensive cameras.

Now maybe you’ve decided that you will be recording from a stationary position and are pondering what camera do YouTubers use for this type of video?

A larger DSLR camera on a tri-pod might be your best option. This option allows for a more stable picture and greater options to make your video as professional as possible

3. Camcorders

What Camera do vloggers use to film when they are just getting started? Well, another choice is a camcorder. There are several camcorders that will get the job done and are easy to use.

What Type of camera do YouTubers use to help them record videos? Which are the best out there right now?

Which camera do youtubers use to help them stand out?

So now that we’ve talked about the qualities you should look for in a camera and everything there is to know about them, now comes the time to look at particular models of camera which are considered some of the best by me, youtubers and vloggers alike!

I have been lucky enough to have the privilege of trying these cameras out at one point, and it’s safe to say that these cameras I’m about to review below are top of the range, cream of the crop if you will.

If you’re somebody that had a bad experience buying cameras that look promising but don’t deliver on quality, then I can assure you if you buy any of the cameras below, it’ll be one of the safest purchases you’ll probably ever make.

I’m going to talk about what makes them so special, what makes them unique, and all in all, why you should consider picking one up.

The last thing you want is to waste hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a camera that doesn’t do what you want it to do, or is low quality and breaks easily.

If you make a low quality youtube video, chances are that the person that is watching will immediately overlook your video and move on to the next one which has better quality than yours. 

Quality is the first thing many people will look at, so it’s important you chose a camera that’ will deliver.

Check out the reviews below and you may find yourself a new favourite camera!

1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (Black)

So, here’s the deal, What Camera do vloggers use is a very common question asked amongst new and upcoming youtubers. There’s plenty of cameras, vloggers and Youtubers out there. The simplicity that can be found in expressing one’s self, feelings, emotions, thoughts, views and perspectives through videos is one thing you must love about video logs or vlogging.

Let’s talk about YouTube. YouTube is fun and easy to use and can engage a lot of viewers for you in a matter of minutes, hours or days. Anyone and everyone can put up a video and voila! Here comes the new YouTuber or Vlogger. But, there is a whole lot of difference between quantity, quality and clarity.

Now, to have quality and clarity in your videos as a YouTuber or Vlogger, you need an outstanding camera to get you the likes, views and comments that will make you want to do more. So, I will be reviewing some video cameras that can give us more highly defined and quality images and videos. Cool, right? So, if you want to know more, please read on and see my review on the Canon PowerShot G7 X, Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Camera which, if I might add, is one awesome camera.


  • This super Vlogging camera is a package that comes with a new 1.0 inch, 20.2 MP High- Sensitivity CMOS sensor that is combined with a powerful image processor.
  • So, you can imagine the quality of the pictures and videos I take with it. With a 4.2x optical zoom, 9- blade iris diaphragm and selfie- ready multi- angle capacity
  • it is a video camera that has given a perfect solution to some angle problems that I experience while filming my tutorials.
  • It also has a LCD touch screen which makes it easy for you to take pictures and videos. By the way, it captures in full HD! And has WiFi and NFC…you know what that means.


  • While easy to travel with, this camera does not have a hot shoe feature and lacks an electronic viewfinder which is kind of discouraging.
  • It might also prove expensive ($599) for those of us just starting out. But the features are too cool for the camera to be ignored.

Well, in my view, while this camera is quite on the high side, it’s also one of the best vlogging cameras which you can invest in as a vlogger or YouTuber. The image and video quality is highly superior. So, you should invest in it if you can. You won’t regret it. When you ask “About Youtubers Gear ” This is one that you’ll notice some popular Youtubers using this one for good reason.

2. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (Black)

I’ve said before that we must love the simplicity in making video logs or vlogging, thanks to video cameras. As a YouTuber or Vlogger, it is important to know the right kind of camera to use for your videos and images.

So, right now, I’ll be reviewing the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, which is another spectacular video camera.


  • The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II comes fully equipped with a large 1.0-inch, 201.1 MP that allows Vloggers and YouTubers to capture high quality pictures and and film videos which can be viewed on any HD device.
  • With this camera, you can crop, edit and even take pictures and videos in dark places. They will be sharp and bright.
  • Also, Vloggers and YouTubers can make full use of the face detection and dual sensing capabilities of the camera. Meaning that you can take pictures and videos with minimal blurs from sudden movements from camera shakes and body movements.
  • So, imagine this, your vlogs and YouTube videos are always clear no matter what when you use this camera.


  • This camera might also be on the expensive side for those of us who have a limited budget. While easy to travel with, it has a slow autofocus which can be a bummer at times.

What Camera do Famous vloggers use and how they go about deciding can be tough, but the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a great investment, especially if you are after more quality vlogs and YouTube videos and you want to feel like a pro.

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode Digital SLR Camera (Body)

As we all know, it is important to know the right kind of vlogging camera to use for filming our vlogs and YouTube videos.

And this leads us to our vlogging camera for today; the Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode Digital SLR Camera.


  • This is a camera that youtubers use quite often. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III vlogging camera comes equipped with a full frame 22.3 MP full HD video mode that allows Vloggers and YouTubers to capture high quality pictures and film videos which can be viewed on any HD device.
  • The camera has a 1080p HD video recorder with manual controls. Also armed with a 3.2-inch LCD screen, an intelligent viewfinder, high dynamic range and multiple exposure, this vlogging camera lets you experience awesome sharpness and clarity of your filmed videos.
  • There are minimal camera blurs, due to its 6 frames per second shooting.
  • Light to travel with, this superb camera is every vlogger’s delight.


  • At $2,499, this vlogging camera might also be on the expensive side for those of us who have a limited budget.
  • Although it is easy to travel with, lens are required to use it for some films and videos but sold separately.

With high quality pictures and videos, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a must go for Vloggers and YouTubers who want more awesomeness for their vlogs and YouTube videos. It’s no surprise when you ask ”What Type of camera do YouTubers use? ” you’ll hear this one come up a lot.

4. Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body (Black) (International Model) No Warranty

thing is, filming videos and vlogs are super easy. That is a fact we don’t doubt, but if you want to film quality vlogs and videos, then you would need the Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera (Body). This superb vlogging camera, I have found, has quite a lot of unique features that make it a must have in my gadget niche. Especially, as someone who loves quality in everything.


  • Highly improved from the Canon EOS 70D, the Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR vlogging camera has a 45-point all-cross type system that gives you cool autofocus when you film videos
  • Especially when you use its optical viewfinder and area selection modes.
  • With a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor, you have superb and really great high quality videos for your vlog and YouTube video. Guess what?
  • The camera also has a 100% viewfinder that is highly intelligent. It also has a headphone jack where you can listen to your vlogs and filmed videos quietly. Really cool, right? You also get to experience almost no shadow noise during filming. It also has WiFi capabilities and is light to carry around.


  • The WiFi capability drains the battery of the camera at a fast rate which is not so cool. The cost of the camera tagged at $1,199 might also be another not so cool factor for those who cannot afford it.

The truth is, the Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR vlogging camera is one that I would recommend for both Vloggers and YouTubers to use for filming videos. It is cool, has superb image quality and is an investment that can never be regretted.

5. Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera

On our journey with digital cameras that can be used for ​making vlogs and YouTube videos, we’ve discussed the things that make an awesome camera and filming experience. Well, the next camera on our list is the Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera.


  • The Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera comes with an EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens, Wi-Fi and NFC.
  • nabled with a 24.2 MP CMOS (APS-C) sensor and an ISO of 100-12800, the camera also has a full HD movie mode that helps the YouTuber fil the perfect vlog or video.
  • The autofocus and high-speed continuous shooting of 5.0 fps that allows you as a YouTuber or Vlogger to film quick actions.
  • Easy to use, with simple menus and buttons, this camera is perfect for anyone who is just getting the hang of filming the perfect YouTube video or vlog.
  • It is also a cool gadget for those who are pros at handling a digital camera.


  • The Wi-Fi capability drains the battery of the camera at a fast rate which is not so cool and it can only connect to a few select gadgets with its Wi-Fi.

I would recommend this for Vloggers and YouTubers to use for filming videos. It is easy to use and is a perfect vlogging camera for those who are just starting out.

6. Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera,

It’s so cool that there are so many digital cameras out there that can be used to meet our vlogging and YouTube needs. And yes, I got to tell you a bit about my love for cameras, vlogging and YouTube.

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We’ve had quite an insightful journey with digital cameras that can be used for filming vlogs and YouTube videos. But now, we get to discuss the Sony a7R Full-Frame Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens Camera, Body only. ​ 


  • If you want a camera that has easy connectivity to smartphones via Wi-Fi and NFC with camera apps, a camera that is durable, reliable and with 4K movie recording with full pixel readout, you have got to use the Sony a7R Camera.
  • It is the world’s first full-frame mirror-less interchangeable lens camera with silent and curtain shutters. Highly enhanced for professional use, the Sony a7R has a 42.4MP CMOS sensor with its body stabilized for 42.4MP full-frame and shutter vibration suppression.
  • It also includes two batteries and a charger, making it a perfect companion for long hours of YouTube filming or Vlogging.


  • Highly cool but quite on the high end for those who are not looking for something so expensive. It is tagged at $3,198 on Amazon.

I would recommend this for Vloggers and YouTubers who can and are willing to spend on something quality, durable and reliable.

Currently there are over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and over 4 billion videos watched per day; this is more content than any one person can watch so you must stand out from the crowd to get noticed. This will not be done with an ordinary camera with ordinary content. Will you stand out if the video quality is poor?

Will you stand out if the lighting is bad? Will you stand out if the image is blurry or you cannot be heard? This will happen with a mediocre camera. You need to ask yourself, What Camera do Popular vloggers use to stand out? If your intent is to get noticed and grow your vlog, you must have the tool to do the job. After all you wouldn’t paint a house with a small paint brush; that would take too long. You would choose a more appropriate tool, like a roller or a sprayer. Making the job much more efficient.

An In Depth Analysis on Youtubers Camera

At this point, you might be thinking, okay, so Which camera do Most vloggers use? To answer this question, you will need to look at the characteristics of cameras that are used to create a great video.

High Quality Resolution

The first and most obvious characteristic of a good camera is resolution. You will want to choose a camera that has a High Definition (HD) video recording capabilities. HD is now standard and audiences are accustomed to watching HD videos on their phones, televisions, laptops, and tablets.

So, What Type of camera do YouTubers use to film in HD? Well they must have the capability to produce videos of at least 1080p.Several cameras on the market even film in 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is a nice feature, but now is not necessary to get viewers to tune into your video. Anything less than HD quality will not get the views you are hoping for since the picture is often grainy and cut off.

Quality Audio

The next attribute in vlogging cameras that YouTubers use is audio quality. So, Which camera do Most of the vloggers use to get quality audio? Just as important as video quality, quality audio is best created with a built-in high quality microphone, that can filter out background noise and other unnecessary sound. Some cameras that YouTubers use, also have ports for external microphones. While this will ultimately get you the best sound quality, this is not necessary to start a vlog.

Digital vs Optical Zoom

So, what are the less obvious features of a good vlogging camera that YouTubers use?

Let’s first start with zoom. Each digital camera will have digital zoom and optical zoom. The most important zoom feature for the cameras vloggers use is optical zoom. Let me explain why.

Optical zoom creates a clearer picture by zooming in on the subject, rather than cropping the picture using software built into the camera. The latter example is what digital zoom does.

Therefore, when you use digital zoom the result can be a grainy picture, where optical zoom does not do this. On today’s DSLR cameras, digital zoom is less of a factor than on smaller compact cameras.

Wide Angle Viewing

Along the lines of HD quality, Youtubers Camera that have wide angle capability and why is this important?

Most devices that are used to view video use wide angle screens which allows a greater viewing area to be seen. This also results in a clearer picture and more enjoyable viewing experience for the consumer.

If you have tried watching a video created with a narrow angle lens on a wide screen you will understand what I am talking about. The results often look unprofessional and even dated.


Perhaps you are now thinking about low lighting. This is one of the less obvious considerations to make for your vlog. Well let’s look. These cameras differentiate themselves by the sensor size and are often heavier and bulkier than other cameras. They are also often the more expensive. This is a huge consideration as you are planning your vlog and deciding what camera to use.

Image Stabilization

You’ve now decided that you are going to be on the move for your vlog. What type of Camera do vloggers use to get a smooth picture? Well the camera for you would have Electronic or Optical Image Stabilization. This feature allows you smooth out movement and shakiness from videos created while on the move. This will make viewing your vlog much more enjoyable.

Other features

There are other features of a vlogging camera that YouTubers use which are nice to have but are not essential to creating a professional video. We will take a closer look at these now.

Flip Screen

I want to be able to look at myself while filming. What Type of camera do YouTubers use to fill this need? This is done with a flip screen. While a flip screen is convenient when making videos of yourself, it is not an essential feature to create a vlog and is often seen as a benefit but not a necessity.

WiFi Capable

What Vlogging camera with wifi to upload videos directly? Well several cameras have WiFi capabilities built right in.

This allows the user to upload videos without the use of cables. It also allows you to connect and control your camera from your phone. But beware, this could also use more battery life than if you connected it with a cable.

Battery Life

Battery life is another consideration when deciding youtube Camera . Well to answer this, you must decide how long your videos will be. Most battery life is sufficient for the average vlog. If you think you are going to make longer videos, this is something to keep in mind as you research cameras.


Only you can decide which storage option is best for you. What Type of camera do YouTubers use with great storage options? Just another item to consider when deciding on your camera. Like any storage, none is perfect and you risk losing some of your videos. Hopefully, some of the features discussed will help you decide.


What Type of camera do YouTubers use to get started? Since most videos do not make money, the cost of the camera used to create your videos can become a major factor. Well, there are plenty of cameras that will suit your needs and fit your budget. A camera will range from a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It just depends on what the most important features to you. You can always upgrade if you do start to make an income.

Risks of Mediocre Cameras

You need to look at your camera as in important tool in your vlogging tool bag. As we’ve learned in this article, there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a camera. You can pick any camera to get the job done, and any one that records videos will get the job done.

However, you need to stop and think about what your goals are for the vlog? Are you using the vlog as a hobby to put your message out to the internet and forget about it, or are you using it to gain a following, become a professional vlogger and perhaps turn it into an income? If the latter is your intent, then picking a mediocre camera may have an undesired outcome.

Choosing a camera for vlogging is no different. Remember to choose a camera that will work for your goals. Every camera has both pros and cons and only you can decide what will work best for you. The good news is, if you do your research, you are surely to find the perfect camera for you! 

20 YouTube Video Ideas for One Person

YouTube is now a great video sharing website in the world. People share different types of videos on various topics on the YouTube.

If you are planning to share your videos on YouTube, you have to open a channel there and publish your videos there. 

Then people all over the world can watch your videos online. But you might get confused on what topic you should make videos.

In this article, we will provide you some great YouTube video ideas for one person on which you can work and make exceptional videos.

Many of you have great talent on various things.

But you don’t get the idea on what vlog topic you can use to make videos and publish it on YouTube to get a good response from the people.

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For the purpose of helping you out of this situation and provide you some great YouTubing ideas, we have a good list of ideas of YouTube videos that you can make single-handedly.

Let’s have a look at the list of YouTube video ideas and dig into yourself and become a great Youtuber.

YouTube Video Ideas for One Person

1. Introduction Video

If you are starting a channel on YouTube, firstly you should make a video introducing yourself. In this video, you should talk about yourself.

Besides, you should also talk about the videos that you will make in your channel. Also, make people know about your plan. Moreover, if you have any business, provide a full acknowledgment to the people.

Actually, it is the most important video in your channel which many YouTubers forget to make as the users will firstly check out this type of introductory video to know about your channel.

2. Make How To Tutorial Videos

Many of the people on the internet look for videos like how to do something. If you make videos of how to tutorials providing visual direction on doing something, this can help you get a lot of fans of your channel.

Your videos should have straightforward points. Also, the instructions you give in your tutorials should easily be followed by your fans.

There are many videos ideas on How to tutorials such as essential life hacks, software-based works, cleaning, making something or other things that you know well.

3. Educational PowerPoint Videos

You can also turn your power point slides containing different educational topics into videos.

If your educational slides are helpful to the student who frequently searches for such kind of videos on YouTube, you can have them as your loyal fans.

4. Review of a Product

A product review can be a great topic to make a video on it. Many people want to know about the features of a product and also they want to check it out visually before buying it from the market.

Make videos by reviewing different products will help many people by showing the functionality of the product visually on the video.

Your quality review videos can get you lot of subscribers of your channel.

5. Make Slideshow of your Memorable Events

You may have many funny and sweetest moments in your life. Also, you may have adventurous moments.

All you can do is just you can make bind all your memories in a slideshow and make a video on it.

You can add sweet musical effect or song with the slideshow to make an amazing video. Certainly, people will love that.

6. Parody Videos

If you have the ability to imitate famous people or movie characters, you can make parody videos imitating them with funny words or the original words.

Also, if you can make a parody of popular songs using funny lyrics that will be very much lovable to your fans. 

Many people want such kind of funny parody videos over the internet nowadays. So, if you have the caliber, try this idea.

7. Prank Videos

Prank videos have got a huge response on YouTube. As people get really great entertainment from it and get some moments for laughing, people love this kind of videos.

But before putting such kind of prank videos, you must seek the permission of the person with whom you pranked.

8. Interesting Facts Videos

If you have knowledge of different interesting facts on various topics, you can make videos providing information on the interesting facts. You can make good research on these facts to find these out also. 

As people love to know wondrous and interesting things, you can grab the opportunity.

Certainly, people will love your video if you can make it with good presentation and real information. and it’s one of the best YouTube video idea for one person 

9. Song Videos

If you have the caliber to sing a song or ability to play various musical instruments, you can make videos on it.

As we can see, there are a lot of covers of many famous songs on YouTube by many people.

If your song or instrumental can touch the heart of the people, you can have a lot of subscribers and your admirers also.

10. Tips and Tricks Videos

There are many things that we use normally in our daily life. But there might be hidden tricks with it. If you have found out those hidden tricks, make a video on that. Also, there might be some tips on using those things.

Besides, the tips video can also be on other topics like budgeting. Make videos containing tips and tricks on YouTube. These helpful videos will be admirable to your subscribers.

11. Travel Vlogs

You may go on many tours. You can make videos sharing your experience, your adventures, views of nature and so on.

These type of travel vlog will help the people to know about the different traveling place. Travel vlog is very much praiseworthy to many people and are extremely good Youtube ideas for girls.

12. Cooking

If you are expert in cooking different types of normal or exceptional dishes, you can grab this opportunity.

You can make videos by cooking those foods in front of the ​Youtu​be camera and share it with the people on your YouTube channel.

13. Funny Baby or Animal Videos

Babies are lovable to people. Babies sometimes act very funny and give us some moments to laugh. Besides, if you have pet animals, you can see that they sometimes do something that is really funny.

You can also get funny animal videos outside your house too. You can capture this funny baby or animal videos on your vlog camera and share it on your channel. Certainly, you will get a good response.

14. Movie & Book Reviews

You can also make videos by reviewing movies by providing the information on the movie.

Also, there are famous books on which you can make review videos. This type of highly informative movie and book reviews are admirable to the subscribers.

15. Make Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are very important to the people who wants to learn different things on the internet. So, if you are good at a topic, make tutorial videos on them.

This will help a lot of people. If your tutorials are really helpful, you will get a huge response and lot of fans of yourself.

16. Workout Videos

People used to learn from others. If you work out regularly to keep your body fit, you can share your workout videos on your YouTube channel.

These videos can be motivational for many people on YouTube and can get you lot of fans.

17. Magic Tricks

If you are good at showing your magic skills to people. Don’t miss this opportunity. Don’t just show this magic tricks to the real world people. Spread it to the virtual world also.

Make videos showing you magic tricks and publish it on your channel. It will show your talent to people all over the world on the internet and get you a lot of admirers.

18. Motivational Speaking Videos

Many people lose hope in their life and roam aimlessly over the internet all the day. If you have a good speaking capability and deliver motivational words, you can certainly make videos containing motivational words.

Your motivational speaking in front of the camera may motivate many people and help them to set a goal in their life.

19. Create Videos Showing Your Skills

You may have skills on different things like bike or cycle stunt, skating, ice skating. Also, you may have skills on playing a musical instrument or other different things.

Don’t just put it in yourself. Spread your skills all over the globe via YouTube. Make videos showing your skills in front of the camera. Surely, you will get a good response.

20. Make a Gameplay Video

If you are good at playing games, you can make gameplay videos. Just place the camera in front of your PC and play your game, that is all it takes to how you start a Youtube Gaming Channel.

Eventually, publish it on your channel. People will get a broad sense of the gameplay by watching your gameplay and it will help them a lot.

​Lastly, we may say that the ideas mentioned above will help you a lot to identify what talent you have and on what topic you should make a YouTube video.

By reading this article, you will certainly find an idea on which you can make a video and execute it properly and publish it on your YouTube channel.

Hope, you will get a good response on YouTube and popular to many people all over the world.