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How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel

Nowadays starting a YouTube Gaming Channel has become more popular among teens and young adults.

Statistics shows that about 155 million people in the US play games regularly and spend three to more hours per weeks.

The age range of the gamers is thirteen to thirty-five. And, it is fascinating that four out of five households just buy a video game console.

An average number of years of playing games is thirteen. This indicates the same range of time that most students spend from pre-school to high school graduation. It is enough for gaming education. In this post we will discuss about Top Equipment to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

American non-digital video game sales remained consistent in 2021 with 13.13 Billion dollars. Definitely, it has a big market.

Consequently, technopreneurs move their heads this day to create innovative YouTube gaming channels with more interest.

But, do you know that gamers usually earn money on their individual gaming video uploaded on YouTube channel by playing video games? You may wonder in making YouTube gaming channel as well.

Now the question arises that you don’t know software coding, how it is possible to make a game? Forget the possibility; just believe in your mind that you can. Truly this channel to create is quite easy. So, get started. In order to make such channel you just need applying some tricks and uses of some software.

If you want to do interviews you will need to know what camera for Youtube, a simple DSLR or your phone is best.

Why Video Gaming YouTube Channel?

There are a lot of video gaming YouTube channels. You can daily publish videos about playing video games.

Some of these may receive millions of views. This really allows the video makers to be rich enough simply doing the activity.

In fact, playing a video game is getting so popular this day that the Google has acquired its videogame-streaming service website comparatively twitch for about one billion dollars.

The Equipment to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

The equipment you need for a gaming channel is some popular gaming console like PlayStation or Xbox and a few extra accessories.


To start a new YouTube video gaming channel, the equipment is quite far different than starting a general YouTube Channel. When it is about to choose the best gaming platform, it’s just a matter of preference.

However, if you want to appeal to wider audience, then you should probably choose from the most popular gaming systems on the market today – the PS4, XBOX, and your own personal computer.

1. PlayStation

The PS4 formerly known as PlayStation is mostly known to the game lover teenagers. It has a user-friendly interface with neat sharing features.

If you are planning to move as a beginner, it must be a good one to start at least one video game every week for your YouTube channel. Hence, PlayStation is considered to be the best for many popular games like Infamous and God of War, Uncharted.

If you are interested in playing online with multiplayer modes, you need to pay for the membership of PlayStation Network (PSN) of $60 yearly or $10 monthly.

2. Nintendo Wii U Console 32GB (Black) – (Certified Refurbished)

You can add Nintendo on your YouTube channel to embrace with local multiplayer games designed for various people such as the Wii Sports and even Super Mario Galaxy series.

Extra Wiimotes purchasing with the Wii U combines more specialized, remote style gesture controllers is really inexpensive, so it is quite easy to have enough fun for family and friends to get in action.

3. Microsoft Xbox One ​

XBOX is one of the most popular choices for YouTube gaming. Nonetheless, this console is awesome for its entertaining features, network constancy, and backward compatibility.

The Xbox is considered to have the home of Gears of War and Forza, Halo. The Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold also charges a subscription fee. This is One of the best Equipment for YouTube Gaming Channel

4. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Console

If you search for budget gaming with a huge library of titles, you can buy either the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. It is just existing generation consoles.

There are plenty of games for the older Xbox and PlayStation that are exclusive to either platform.

With multiplayer gaming console, you can still play online on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The main feature is that you can play online without a PlayStation Plus account.

Software and Applications to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

Now that you’ve played some rounds of God of War, Halo or World of Warcraft and you’re done recording, now it’s time to edit the videos.

As with game consoles and hardware, there are a lot of different video editing apps and software options from which you can make a choice. However, among many other popular video gaming YouTube channel celebrities, most prefer to use Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro.

Adobe Premier Pro is extremely popular and is timeline-based. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

After Effects and Photoshop will make your video something animated and it is really eye catching. It just deals such video that your mind wanted masking with spectacular transitions. It definitely complements professional touch and the quality to finished product.

The video editing software like Camtasia would really be helpful for video game editing and will add your gaming video more professional. This will consequently add more interest to the subscribers.

Camtasia is easy and designed for beginners and Pro level gamers so this is important Equipment to Start a YouTube Gaming

Final Cut Pro is little more famous when it comes to video editing. In fact, it has already edited a lot of well-known movies and films.

This software developed by Apple Inc. is comparatively easy to use. However, this software is exclusively for Mac users.

Do think our article is end on Equipment to Start  YouTube Gaming Channel ? No Here is more tips for youtube gamers and vloggers

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel

Yes, this channel has a great appeal to engage with game lovers’ community. I think all age’s people in the worlds love to play games including infants as well ..

Mr. Pewdiepie has earned the highest on YouTube, reportedly makes a huge approximately 12 million dollars per year through merely video gaming YouTube channel. 

Worldwide the Global Games Market profits from ‘Let’s Play video game’ videos are absolutely great and it has planned to reach up to $107 billion within the next year.My friends from Sea Slug Team helped me about knowing this.

So, this is the time for you to make money playing video games. You need to do exactly what a video gaming YouTube channel does.

Of course, it will take much more effort to make YouTube game channel widespread. Moreover, the success much depends on your dedication and hard work in order to make your channel popular enough on YouTube, thereby attaining several views.


Branding your YouTube channel is an important thing to succeed on YouTube. Without good branding, you will never be able to discern your channel from thousands of other channels available.

Here is a question may arise how will you create an exclusive brand for the video gaming channel? an attractive name you have to choose that is something impressive. 

Then you need a good, detectable logo and a fashionable cover picture relating to the gaming channel. Since the viewer can intimately be familiar with the vision of your channel.

You can prefer the design and channel logo from any logo creating app for free on an android phone, brand related picture editing, and the intro video to introduce yourself.

Upload Videos Daily

After completing your brand, you have to focus on your business. Since your business will create a consistent content for your channel. Try to make a plan to publish minimum one video every day for the channel.

As you love video game, it won’t be too much difficult for you. For instance, what you can, just simply record by screen recorder like Snagit to play your favorite game for at least minutes.

The more content you create, the more your channel will become popular and soon you will have the monetization of it.

Use Variety of Contents

In order to keep your Youtube video ideas more interesting and adhere to your audience, you just need to upload various types of contents. There are so many ways to make money on YouTube.

You need to reply various audiences to attract as much interest as possible and soon you will get more views your YouTube videos. Since “Let’s Play” is much more popular, you share these videos every Monday.

Consequently, people will keep their eyes to watch your videos as you are offering them a variety of content for their enjoyment.

Ask for Subscribe

You should remember that once you ask your viewers to subscribe at the end of every video including video descriptions. Because the more subscribers to your YouTube channel will consider the popularity of your channel.

 Day by day the more people will subscribe to your channel. Therefore, make sure continuously encouraging people to subscribe to your channel, so that they can watch the latest videos.

Offer Prizes

Offering a prize to your viewers in special days and events like Valentine’s Day, New Year greetings, or Marry Christmas Day. This not only keeps your channel subscribers happy, it will take your channel more clout.

You can also give a prize while you reach a targeted number of subscribers on holidays in no time releasing of certain big name games.

When you show a great value to your subscribers, they will continuously respond returning to your channel. Even they would like to refer their friends to subscribe your channel. This is the way you can get more profit from video gaming YouTube channel.

There is no one who wants to make money with a hobby that he loves. Like the way, I guess your passion is a video game. Then why not turn your head to create a new video gaming YouTube channel and get along to start making money.

The tips noted above are just a few of several ways to turn your passion into profit. But this is true, not everybody can earn as much as Pewdiepie. If you can reach even one percent, you will have a handsome amount of money.

Final Thoughts

WE write this article on Equipment to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel to clear that Starting video gaming channel in YouTube is not so complex as many people think. Most of the gaming equipment will be a matter of personal preference for buying.

You also use some software for free like Fillmore for video and audio editing, and SnagIt for video capturing.

However, you need to think and choose wisely. Actually, some of these things may require for learning, but you should be able to figure out with a little investment of time.

Nevertheless, you should provide excellent commentary and keep connecting with your audience. Truly, the right kit can primarily set you distant from the rest, but your viewers would be most engrossed in the quality.​