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Is a GoPro Worth It?

If you are looking for a sports action camera then the first question you may ask yourself will probably be Is a Gopro Worth It?

Given just how successful the GoPro line of camera’s became it was inevitable that there would be a host of copycat brands popping up looking to try and take a piece of the action.

Most of these brands are cheaper and there is a reason for that.

On average the quality is much lower than you get with an original GoPro.

The build quality on a GoPro is exceptional and they are extremely robust which is perfect for the outdoor vlogger.

Is a GoPro Worth It?

Yes a GoPro is worth it as they are affordable, lightweight give high quality video and you can bring them just about anywhere.

1. Lightweight

GoPros are really light and you can take them almost anywhere without the weight ever being an issue.

whether that’s hiking in the hills or rockclimbig, when you need to pack light a GoPro is without doubt the best often.

Comparing a GoPro vs DSLR in terms of weight it is pretty obvious that the DSLR is really going to weight you down and a high quality camera bag to protect it will be extremely bulky.

DSLR can be a real pain when on the road and they are always a target for thieves as it is pretty obvious when you are carrying one.

2. Shock Proof

The GoPro can take a lot of abuse and they have great shock resistant attributes.

When mounted on a dashboard in an off-road vehicle or on a helmet when downhill mountain biking you can rest assured that all the vibration coming through to the camera mount will not affect the GoPro.

3. Water Proof

Years ago before small action camera’s were available underwater camera’s were big bulky things with a fish eye lens that were a real pain to deal with.

The first GoPro models were not water proof without an additional housing. Most recent GoPros are waterproof and do not need the additional housing in order to protect them from water damage and that is what makes them the best GoPro for vloggers.

This means you can literally go anywhere without worrying if your camera will get wet.

Most of the modern models are rated down to roughly 10 meters which is a pretty good depth and perfect for snorkeling.

4. Easy to Operate

They are a cinch to operate and you have several different options on how you want to control a GoPro.

  • Remote – GoPro comes with a simple remote that is super easy to operate.
  • Phone – Use your phone as a remote once the camera is paired to it.
  • Voice Commands – You can also use voice commands to stop and start your camera.

All of which are really easy to learn and once you know them they make operation really smooth.

5. Features

GoPro comes packed with all sorts of image stability and playback features already built into them.

The more modern models have features like the GoPro Spot Meter and GoPro SuperView that making them really stand apart from the competition in terms of image quality.

6. Price

Although there are a lot of cheaper imitations available the GoPro is actually not that expensive in comparison to a high end DSLR camera.

If you are the type of vlogger or Youtuber that likes to shoot outside then they are a much better often than a big bulky traditional camera setup and all of the accessories that you need to carry around.

7. Mounting

Mounting a GoPro is really easy with a mounting plate. Because they are so robust and light you can mount them almost anywhere with the fear that they will shatter like a more expensive traditional camera.

We hope we have convinced you that a GoPro is worth it, grab one today you won’t regret it!