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What Camera Do YouTubers Use

If you find yourself lately thinking about starting a video blog on YouTube. You might wonder about what camera do YouTubers use?

Well, I am here to help answer that very question for you. In order to help you decide, we must first look at some of the obvious, and not so obvious reasons to purchase a good camera.

This includes different types of cameras, what features are important to YouTubers, what is the average price of a good camera, and what are the risks of a mediocre camera. But let’s start with the basics.

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Before we get into youtubers Camera to help them stand out. First, let’s look at vlogs.

A video blog, or vlog, is a video that is created, not necessarily with the intent to make money, but rather to get the creators voice, on any topic they wish to discuss, heard by the public.

These videos are then posted to such sites as YouTube. The videos can be fun or serious; provocative or informative; personal or universal.

Many vlogs are created as a teaching tool and more and more people are turning to YouTube to learn how to do even basic everyday tasks.

There is almost an endless amount of Youtube channel ideas so you should never run out of material.

Given the popularity of YouTube as a source of information, creating a good video is key to a good vlog. What camera do YouTubers to create a good video?

Types of Cameras

What camera do vloggers use, may have popped into your mind? Well, there are several options available. Let’s look at just a few types.

Some basic cameras are found on mobile devices, such as phones, tablets and portable media players. These cameras are quite advanced for what they are; however, true vloggers may wish to use a camera with more options.

Other types of cameras include compact digital cameras, such as standard, zoom or advanced as well as adventure compact cameras.

These cameras, with the right options will meet the need of most vloggers. They tend to be less expensive and more portable than other cameras. Adventure compact camera tend to be more durable than other cameras.

For a more professional vlog, you might consider a more advanced digital single-lens reflex camera or DSLR, or even a mirrorless camera, both have interchangeable lens.

This option would be good for a professional vlogger or someone with low light conditions.

Finally, you could choose a camcorder. This option might work best for someone who wants to record a vlog without extra features of standard cameras. This options is often best for new vloggers.

There are several resources available for you on the internet to help you further learn about what camera do YouTubers use.

For now, we will touch these features to help you decide what is right for you.

What Camera Do YouTubers Use to Film?

1. Mobile Devices

Perhaps the best option for you to use to get started is simply your mobile device. There are a lot of camera apps available to help you get started. Just be aware of the quality of your videos.

2. Compact vs. DSLR

One of these will most likely be your top choice. But first you must decide what your content will be and how you are going to use this camera.

One important decision to make regarding what vlogging camera that YouTubers use is how the vlog will be created. Will there be a lot of action or will it be mostly filmed from a stationary position?

What Camera do vloggers use if you will be moving a lot? A smaller, more compact camera might be your best choice in this case. Perhaps even an adventure type camera.

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These cameras are often smaller and lightweight; however, the features tend to be more limited than other more expensive cameras.

Now maybe you’ve decided that you will be recording from a stationary position and are pondering what camera do YouTubers use for this type of video?

A larger DSLR camera on a tri-pod might be your best option. This option allows for a more stable picture and greater options to make your video as professional as possible

3. Camcorders

What Camera do vloggers use to film when they are just getting started? Well, another choice is a camcorder. There are several camcorders that will get the job done and are easy to use.

What Type of camera do YouTubers use to help them record videos? Which are the best out there right now?

Which camera do youtubers use to help them stand out?

So now that we’ve talked about the qualities you should look for in a camera and everything there is to know about them, now comes the time to look at particular models of camera which are considered some of the best by me, youtubers and vloggers alike!

I have been lucky enough to have the privilege of trying these cameras out at one point, and it’s safe to say that these cameras I’m about to review below are top of the range, cream of the crop if you will.

If you’re somebody that had a bad experience buying cameras that look promising but don’t deliver on quality, then I can assure you if you buy any of the cameras below, it’ll be one of the safest purchases you’ll probably ever make.

I’m going to talk about what makes them so special, what makes them unique, and all in all, why you should consider picking one up.

The last thing you want is to waste hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a camera that doesn’t do what you want it to do, or is low quality and breaks easily.

If you make a low quality youtube video, chances are that the person that is watching will immediately overlook your video and move on to the next one which has better quality than yours. 

Quality is the first thing many people will look at, so it’s important you chose a camera that’ will deliver.

Check out the reviews below and you may find yourself a new favourite camera!

1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (Black)

So, here’s the deal, What Camera do vloggers use is a very common question asked amongst new and upcoming youtubers. There’s plenty of cameras, vloggers and Youtubers out there. The simplicity that can be found in expressing one’s self, feelings, emotions, thoughts, views and perspectives through videos is one thing you must love about video logs or vlogging.

Let’s talk about YouTube. YouTube is fun and easy to use and can engage a lot of viewers for you in a matter of minutes, hours or days. Anyone and everyone can put up a video and voila! Here comes the new YouTuber or Vlogger. But, there is a whole lot of difference between quantity, quality and clarity.

Now, to have quality and clarity in your videos as a YouTuber or Vlogger, you need an outstanding camera to get you the likes, views and comments that will make you want to do more. So, I will be reviewing some video cameras that can give us more highly defined and quality images and videos. Cool, right? So, if you want to know more, please read on and see my review on the Canon PowerShot G7 X, Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Camera which, if I might add, is one awesome camera.


  • This super Vlogging camera is a package that comes with a new 1.0 inch, 20.2 MP High- Sensitivity CMOS sensor that is combined with a powerful image processor.
  • So, you can imagine the quality of the pictures and videos I take with it. With a 4.2x optical zoom, 9- blade iris diaphragm and selfie- ready multi- angle capacity
  • it is a video camera that has given a perfect solution to some angle problems that I experience while filming my tutorials.
  • It also has a LCD touch screen which makes it easy for you to take pictures and videos. By the way, it captures in full HD! And has WiFi and NFC…you know what that means.


  • While easy to travel with, this camera does not have a hot shoe feature and lacks an electronic viewfinder which is kind of discouraging.
  • It might also prove expensive ($599) for those of us just starting out. But the features are too cool for the camera to be ignored.

Well, in my view, while this camera is quite on the high side, it’s also one of the best vlogging cameras which you can invest in as a vlogger or YouTuber. The image and video quality is highly superior. So, you should invest in it if you can. You won’t regret it. When you ask “About Youtubers Gear ” This is one that you’ll notice some popular Youtubers using this one for good reason.

2. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (Black)

I’ve said before that we must love the simplicity in making video logs or vlogging, thanks to video cameras. As a YouTuber or Vlogger, it is important to know the right kind of camera to use for your videos and images.

So, right now, I’ll be reviewing the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, which is another spectacular video camera.


  • The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II comes fully equipped with a large 1.0-inch, 201.1 MP that allows Vloggers and YouTubers to capture high quality pictures and and film videos which can be viewed on any HD device.
  • With this camera, you can crop, edit and even take pictures and videos in dark places. They will be sharp and bright.
  • Also, Vloggers and YouTubers can make full use of the face detection and dual sensing capabilities of the camera. Meaning that you can take pictures and videos with minimal blurs from sudden movements from camera shakes and body movements.
  • So, imagine this, your vlogs and YouTube videos are always clear no matter what when you use this camera.


  • This camera might also be on the expensive side for those of us who have a limited budget. While easy to travel with, it has a slow autofocus which can be a bummer at times.

What Camera do Famous vloggers use and how they go about deciding can be tough, but the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a great investment, especially if you are after more quality vlogs and YouTube videos and you want to feel like a pro.

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode Digital SLR Camera (Body)

As we all know, it is important to know the right kind of vlogging camera to use for filming our vlogs and YouTube videos.

And this leads us to our vlogging camera for today; the Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode Digital SLR Camera.


  • This is a camera that youtubers use quite often. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III vlogging camera comes equipped with a full frame 22.3 MP full HD video mode that allows Vloggers and YouTubers to capture high quality pictures and film videos which can be viewed on any HD device.
  • The camera has a 1080p HD video recorder with manual controls. Also armed with a 3.2-inch LCD screen, an intelligent viewfinder, high dynamic range and multiple exposure, this vlogging camera lets you experience awesome sharpness and clarity of your filmed videos.
  • There are minimal camera blurs, due to its 6 frames per second shooting.
  • Light to travel with, this superb camera is every vlogger’s delight.


  • At $2,499, this vlogging camera might also be on the expensive side for those of us who have a limited budget.
  • Although it is easy to travel with, lens are required to use it for some films and videos but sold separately.

With high quality pictures and videos, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a must go for Vloggers and YouTubers who want more awesomeness for their vlogs and YouTube videos. It’s no surprise when you ask ”What Type of camera do YouTubers use? ” you’ll hear this one come up a lot.

4. Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body (Black) (International Model) No Warranty

thing is, filming videos and vlogs are super easy. That is a fact we don’t doubt, but if you want to film quality vlogs and videos, then you would need the Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera (Body). This superb vlogging camera, I have found, has quite a lot of unique features that make it a must have in my gadget niche. Especially, as someone who loves quality in everything.


  • Highly improved from the Canon EOS 70D, the Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR vlogging camera has a 45-point all-cross type system that gives you cool autofocus when you film videos
  • Especially when you use its optical viewfinder and area selection modes.
  • With a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor, you have superb and really great high quality videos for your vlog and YouTube video. Guess what?
  • The camera also has a 100% viewfinder that is highly intelligent. It also has a headphone jack where you can listen to your vlogs and filmed videos quietly. Really cool, right? You also get to experience almost no shadow noise during filming. It also has WiFi capabilities and is light to carry around.


  • The WiFi capability drains the battery of the camera at a fast rate which is not so cool. The cost of the camera tagged at $1,199 might also be another not so cool factor for those who cannot afford it.

The truth is, the Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR vlogging camera is one that I would recommend for both Vloggers and YouTubers to use for filming videos. It is cool, has superb image quality and is an investment that can never be regretted.

5. Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera

On our journey with digital cameras that can be used for ​making vlogs and YouTube videos, we’ve discussed the things that make an awesome camera and filming experience. Well, the next camera on our list is the Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera.


  • The Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera comes with an EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens, Wi-Fi and NFC.
  • nabled with a 24.2 MP CMOS (APS-C) sensor and an ISO of 100-12800, the camera also has a full HD movie mode that helps the YouTuber fil the perfect vlog or video.
  • The autofocus and high-speed continuous shooting of 5.0 fps that allows you as a YouTuber or Vlogger to film quick actions.
  • Easy to use, with simple menus and buttons, this camera is perfect for anyone who is just getting the hang of filming the perfect YouTube video or vlog.
  • It is also a cool gadget for those who are pros at handling a digital camera.


  • The Wi-Fi capability drains the battery of the camera at a fast rate which is not so cool and it can only connect to a few select gadgets with its Wi-Fi.

I would recommend this for Vloggers and YouTubers to use for filming videos. It is easy to use and is a perfect vlogging camera for those who are just starting out.

6. Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera,

It’s so cool that there are so many digital cameras out there that can be used to meet our vlogging and YouTube needs. And yes, I got to tell you a bit about my love for cameras, vlogging and YouTube.

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We’ve had quite an insightful journey with digital cameras that can be used for filming vlogs and YouTube videos. But now, we get to discuss the Sony a7R Full-Frame Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens Camera, Body only. ​ 


  • If you want a camera that has easy connectivity to smartphones via Wi-Fi and NFC with camera apps, a camera that is durable, reliable and with 4K movie recording with full pixel readout, you have got to use the Sony a7R Camera.
  • It is the world’s first full-frame mirror-less interchangeable lens camera with silent and curtain shutters. Highly enhanced for professional use, the Sony a7R has a 42.4MP CMOS sensor with its body stabilized for 42.4MP full-frame and shutter vibration suppression.
  • It also includes two batteries and a charger, making it a perfect companion for long hours of YouTube filming or Vlogging.


  • Highly cool but quite on the high end for those who are not looking for something so expensive. It is tagged at $3,198 on Amazon.

I would recommend this for Vloggers and YouTubers who can and are willing to spend on something quality, durable and reliable.

Currently there are over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and over 4 billion videos watched per day; this is more content than any one person can watch so you must stand out from the crowd to get noticed. This will not be done with an ordinary camera with ordinary content. Will you stand out if the video quality is poor?

Will you stand out if the lighting is bad? Will you stand out if the image is blurry or you cannot be heard? This will happen with a mediocre camera. You need to ask yourself, What Camera do Popular vloggers use to stand out? If your intent is to get noticed and grow your vlog, you must have the tool to do the job. After all you wouldn’t paint a house with a small paint brush; that would take too long. You would choose a more appropriate tool, like a roller or a sprayer. Making the job much more efficient.

An In Depth Analysis on Youtubers Camera

At this point, you might be thinking, okay, so Which camera do Most vloggers use? To answer this question, you will need to look at the characteristics of cameras that are used to create a great video.

High Quality Resolution

The first and most obvious characteristic of a good camera is resolution. You will want to choose a camera that has a High Definition (HD) video recording capabilities. HD is now standard and audiences are accustomed to watching HD videos on their phones, televisions, laptops, and tablets.

So, What Type of camera do YouTubers use to film in HD? Well they must have the capability to produce videos of at least 1080p.Several cameras on the market even film in 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is a nice feature, but now is not necessary to get viewers to tune into your video. Anything less than HD quality will not get the views you are hoping for since the picture is often grainy and cut off.

Quality Audio

The next attribute in vlogging cameras that YouTubers use is audio quality. So, Which camera do Most of the vloggers use to get quality audio? Just as important as video quality, quality audio is best created with a built-in high quality microphone, that can filter out background noise and other unnecessary sound. Some cameras that YouTubers use, also have ports for external microphones. While this will ultimately get you the best sound quality, this is not necessary to start a vlog.

Digital vs Optical Zoom

So, what are the less obvious features of a good vlogging camera that YouTubers use?

Let’s first start with zoom. Each digital camera will have digital zoom and optical zoom. The most important zoom feature for the cameras vloggers use is optical zoom. Let me explain why.

Optical zoom creates a clearer picture by zooming in on the subject, rather than cropping the picture using software built into the camera. The latter example is what digital zoom does.

Therefore, when you use digital zoom the result can be a grainy picture, where optical zoom does not do this. On today’s DSLR cameras, digital zoom is less of a factor than on smaller compact cameras.

Wide Angle Viewing

Along the lines of HD quality, Youtubers Camera that have wide angle capability and why is this important?

Most devices that are used to view video use wide angle screens which allows a greater viewing area to be seen. This also results in a clearer picture and more enjoyable viewing experience for the consumer.

If you have tried watching a video created with a narrow angle lens on a wide screen you will understand what I am talking about. The results often look unprofessional and even dated.


Perhaps you are now thinking about low lighting. This is one of the less obvious considerations to make for your vlog. Well let’s look. These cameras differentiate themselves by the sensor size and are often heavier and bulkier than other cameras. They are also often the more expensive. This is a huge consideration as you are planning your vlog and deciding what camera to use.

Image Stabilization

You’ve now decided that you are going to be on the move for your vlog. What type of Camera do vloggers use to get a smooth picture? Well the camera for you would have Electronic or Optical Image Stabilization. This feature allows you smooth out movement and shakiness from videos created while on the move. This will make viewing your vlog much more enjoyable.

Other features

There are other features of a vlogging camera that YouTubers use which are nice to have but are not essential to creating a professional video. We will take a closer look at these now.

Flip Screen

I want to be able to look at myself while filming. What Type of camera do YouTubers use to fill this need? This is done with a flip screen. While a flip screen is convenient when making videos of yourself, it is not an essential feature to create a vlog and is often seen as a benefit but not a necessity.

WiFi Capable

What Vlogging camera with wifi to upload videos directly? Well several cameras have WiFi capabilities built right in.

This allows the user to upload videos without the use of cables. It also allows you to connect and control your camera from your phone. But beware, this could also use more battery life than if you connected it with a cable.

Battery Life

Battery life is another consideration when deciding youtube Camera . Well to answer this, you must decide how long your videos will be. Most battery life is sufficient for the average vlog. If you think you are going to make longer videos, this is something to keep in mind as you research cameras.


Only you can decide which storage option is best for you. What Type of camera do YouTubers use with great storage options? Just another item to consider when deciding on your camera. Like any storage, none is perfect and you risk losing some of your videos. Hopefully, some of the features discussed will help you decide.


What Type of camera do YouTubers use to get started? Since most videos do not make money, the cost of the camera used to create your videos can become a major factor. Well, there are plenty of cameras that will suit your needs and fit your budget. A camera will range from a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It just depends on what the most important features to you. You can always upgrade if you do start to make an income.

Risks of Mediocre Cameras

You need to look at your camera as in important tool in your vlogging tool bag. As we’ve learned in this article, there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a camera. You can pick any camera to get the job done, and any one that records videos will get the job done.

However, you need to stop and think about what your goals are for the vlog? Are you using the vlog as a hobby to put your message out to the internet and forget about it, or are you using it to gain a following, become a professional vlogger and perhaps turn it into an income? If the latter is your intent, then picking a mediocre camera may have an undesired outcome.

Choosing a camera for vlogging is no different. Remember to choose a camera that will work for your goals. Every camera has both pros and cons and only you can decide what will work best for you. The good news is, if you do your research, you are surely to find the perfect camera for you!