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What is GoPro Superview?

If you have a GoPro, you might have noticed that they have some unique names for their features. SuperView is a feature they offer in some video modes on newer models of GoPro cameras.

Basically, it is their name for the widest field of view they offer when you are taking videos. GoPro is known for their fisheye view that makes you feel immersed in the photo, and it is the most common one you see.

However, SuperView is wider and more distorted, and it brings in a little bit more from each of the sides of the view.

You lose some of the effect at the top and bottom because it stretches the aspect ratio of 4:3 out to 16:9. Continue reading to learn all about GoPro’s SuperView.

SuperView Uses Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching is a process where your GoPro will automatically stretch out the sides of a video that has a 4:3 aspect ratio so that it fits into a 16:9 aspect ratio frame.

The center will stay the same, but the edges will gradually stretch and adjust. Basically, the pixels in the center stay the same, but the edges are stretched to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio.

It gives you more of a fisheye effect, but it can create a more immersive video.

Benefits of Using SuperView

There are basically two benefits of using the SuperView setting. It has a taller field of view so you won’t lose the parts of the image that wouldn’t be present if you were shooting in 16:9 resolution. In addition, your footage will not have the two black bars on either side when you play back your video.

The default field of view for a 1080p video is Wide, which creates an immersive feel. The 1080p SuperView has a wider field of view and a more distorted perspective. It takes in more information from each side, and it smushes the image from the top and bottom.

When to Use SuperView

The main reason why people use SuperView is to be creative. It works well when you have images in the edges of the video that you want to include. If there are people, you won’t want to use it because it will stretch them.

People should be in the center of your frame. Most people use SuperView when they are taking body-mounted video from a helmet or the chest. It will capture the full scene, and it helps people feel as though they are part of the video.

Do All GoPro Cameras Have SuperView?

All of the best GoPros have SuperView. In addition, all models that are made since the GoPro Hero3 + Black have it. It is easy to set it up by changing the resolution in the settings.

When you go into the resolution settings, you can look at the ones with an “S” after and these are SuperView. They 4K S and 720 S are two examples. Once you select it, SuperView is on and ready to use.

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Final Words

SuperView is a setting that gives you an even wider angle when you are shooting video. It can create a more immersive perspective, and it is available on most of the newer GoPro cameras.