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What is Spot Meter on GoPro?

The GoPro’s Spot Meter calculates the automatic exposure from a small spot in the center of the frame. It is helpful when you have uneven lighting and want a certain part of your video or your image to be exposed correctly.

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How Does the Spot Meter Work?

The spot meter is what the GoPro camera uses to calculate the automatic exposure. When you use the GoPro in the default setting, it examines the entire view of what is coming into the camera’s sensor and calculates the exposure as the average of the entire scene.

As long as you have fairly even lighting, this will work fine. However, when you are shooting in dark spaces or looking from a dark place into a lighter space, the brighter areas can become overexposed.

If you shoot from a bright space into a darker area, you will end up with images that are underexposed. This is a common problem when people are photographing in contrasting lighting. In these cases, you need a feature to correct for the contrast in brightness.

When to Use the Spot Meter?

The Spot Meter is the solution to this problem because it uses a small spot in the center of the frame to calculate the exposure, and it doesn’t factor in the rest of the frame.

You can use it to focus on someone’s face or a scene through a window where it is brighter or darker. It is ideal when you need specific control over the lighting and when you want to get rid of a shadow.

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The spot meter is a useful setting that you can use when you need it. You can prevent underexposure or overexposure that comes from different lighting, and you can focus on the feature of your image. If you are shooting people, you can make sure that the faces are lit perfectly.

Do All GoPros Have Spot Meter?

Most of the GoPros in the Hero series do have the Spot Meter, with the exception of the GoPro SD Hero. However, the cameras that have been made since the Hero 5 Black don’t mention the Spot meter; instead, the manual refers to Exposure Control.

It is similar to Spot Meter because it calculates the exposure of a small area of the frame, but it is different because it allows you to choose an area that doesn’t have to be in the center of the frame.

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The newer models use this feature, but they do call it Spot Meter because people were looking for this feature, and it is very similar. Spot meter is a standard photography term, so many photographers look for it.

The good thing is that you get spot metering with the ability to choose the part of the frame where you want to use it.

Final Words

The spot meter is a useful feature that allows you to control the exposure of a small part of your image so you won’t have to worry about overexposure or underexposure due to uneven lighting. It helps you produce better images.