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Why Won’t my GoPro Turn On?

If you have just tried to switch on your Gopro but it fails to power up then you might be wondering Why Won’t my Gopro Turn On?

Powering up a Gopro is pretty simple, just push down the power button and wait for it to spring into life.

But occasionally it may fail to power on.

Don’t worry there are a few things you can try to get it working again.

Why Won’t my Gopro Turn On?

Turning on your GoPro camera should be a fairly straightforward process. You simply press the power button, and it turns on. It can be disconcerting when you press the power button and nothing happens.

You don’t get a message or warning lights, and you might now know what to do. Continue reading to learn the reasons why your GoPro won’t turn on.

The Battery

One reason why your GoPro might not turn on is that the battery is dead. GoPros don’t have a long battery life, and they usually shut off when they get down to about 5% charge.

However, it will still lose its charge at that point even if you aren’t using it. It doesn’t have a battery status indicator so if the battery dies, the GoPro won’t turn on and it won’t tell you what is going on.

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You can try a couple of things to solve this problem. You can try charging the battery. When you connect the USB cable, it might take a few minutes before the red LED charging light comes on but it should come on.

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You can also try to remove the battery and reinsert it. If you have some grit or dirt in the battery casing, it could cause the connectors to not line up right. Check to see if this solves the problem.

You Can Reset the Camera

If your battery is charged and you have no idea why the GoPro won’t turn on, you can try to reset the camera. The problem is that it will return the camera to the original factory settings so you will have to set it up the way you like it again.

First, you can power your GoPro off. Make sure that you remove accessories such as external mics or batteries. Then you should either make sure that you have a charged battery inside the camera or connect it to a power source with your USB cable. You will hold down the power button for ten seconds and then release it.

What to Do If Nothing Works

If nothing works, you will want to call GoPro support. It is possible that there is something wrong, whether it happened when you were out with the camera or whether there is another problem. If it is under warranty, they will have it covered; otherwise, you will need to repair it.

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Why Does the Battery Drain So Quickly on GoPro?

People often complain that their GoPro camera batteries drain quickly, and there is actually a reason for it. Often, they have WiFi or Bluetooth active when they aren’t using the camera.

It is important to turn these settings off when you turn the camera off or they will drain the battery. You can go to the Wireless Connections in the settings menu and disable them.

You can also improve your battery life by using the QuikCapture setting. When you have this setting turned on, your camera will start recording as soon as you press the shutter button and it will turn the camera off when you stop recording.

Check the SD Card

Another reason why your GoPro might not turn on is that you need to reformat your SD card. You can remove the SD card, save the photos on it, and reformat it on your computer. Then reinsert it and see if your camera powers on.

What Is the Most Likely Cause?

The most likely cause is your battery. This happens sometimes and you need to try to charge the battery, change the battery, or replace the battery.

If your battery is simply drained, you can charge it and solve the problem. However, you might need to replace it. If you have a second battery, make sure that it is charged and see if that works.

The first step is to investigate the battery. Try charging it, and if you see the LED light, then you know that it is charging. Once it is fully charged, try to power on the camera again.

You might need to take the battery out and put it back in again a few times. If your battery isn’t working, you will want to replace it.

Final Words

If your GoPro won’t turn on, you will want to check your battery. If you can’t figure it out, you can do a reset, which will help if the camera is frozen. If all else fails, you can call GoPro support.