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20 YouTube Video Ideas for Girls

​YouTube is the biggest video sharing website in the world now. People browse over this website for the purpose of watching a different kind of videos.

The number of girls using YouTube is numerous. As a girl, if you want to start YouTubing firstly you have to open your channel. But after opening your channel you might face the video idea crisis problem.

Are you confused on what topic you should make videos on YouTube? Time not to worry. For helping you out of this situation, we have bought you some YouTube video ideas for girls in this article.

​20 YouTube Video Ideas for Girls

We are providing Youtube video ideas for eradicating the YouTube video idea crisis from the girls and helping them to start YouTubing from now on. Now, here is a list of video ideas for girls below. Let’s see what can you do on YouTube.

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1. Morning Routine Video

As a girl, you must have some routine works that you follow after getting up at morning. If you are running a channel on YouTube, you can share what you do every morning.

Besides, you can also suggest other girls on your video that what good habit they should grow and routine works they should do every morning. For example, you can suggest them some mandatory works brushing teeth, taking shower, changing night suit etc.

2. Night Time Routine Video

Like morning, you must have some tasks that you perform before going to bed at night. You can share your daily activities before going to night in your video.

Also, you can suggest them to build up these good habits every night. For example, you can suggest them to brush teeth, changing clothes etc.

It will help them to grow good habits and keep them healthy. Moreover, if your video would helpful to them, you may get a lot of your admirer.

3. Makeup Tutorials

You may be good at adorning yourself with makeup for different functions or purpose. Also, you might know many hidden techniques of make-over that many of the girls on the internet doesn’t know. Don’t just keep it hidden in yourself. 

You can make makeup tutorial videos on YouTube channel to teach the other girls on the internet to know the make-up techniques.

If they can easily follow your tutorials and do the make-up stuff by themselves, you might get a lot of your followers so pick a vlogging camera  and start vlogging.

4. Hair Tutorials

Many of the girls on the internet find a video on adorning their hair as hair style is one of the vital parts of a girl’s outlook. You may know many techniques of adorning your hair. Also, you may know the secret tips of keeping the hair healthy and shining.

Let other girls know these tips and techniques instead of hiding it. For this purpose, make hair tutorial videos and publish them on your YouTube channel.

5. 50 Things You Don’t Know about me

You must have your own personality. Also, you may like to do something which is quite unique. Moreover, you have many thoughts that other people do not think about.

Besides, you also may have some great talent in yourself. So, don’t be late. Identify your hidden talent and all your qualities and make a video on it. Finally, publish it on your YouTube channel and let people know about yourself.

6. Top 5 Favorite Things to Do

You may have some personal choice of works that you like to do often. If you have a YouTube channel let people know about yourself by expressing your favorite things that you like.

For this reason, make a video telling people about it. In this video, you can enlist your top 5 favorite works and describe it one by one.

From this video, people will get to know about your favorite works and it might seem interesting to them. Eventually, some people may start to do the works following you getting inspiration from you.

7. Makeup Collection

Are you a freak of make-up? Have you got a huge collection of common or uncommon make-ups? Time not to hide it. Let people know what you have got in your make-up box.

You can create a video telling people what you have collected in your make-up box to adorn yourself for special occasions.

Also, you can show people your exclusive and latest collection which may inspire them to collect it from the market. Moreover, your quality make-up box presentation can help you to get a lot of subscribers.

8. Make How to Tutorials

Many girl search for videos in YouTube like How to do Something. If you have your own channel on YouTube, you can make how to tutorials for girls. Make a good research what type of how-to guidelines girls look for.

Afterward, create those how to a tutorial with beautiful presentation and easy instructions. It will help many girls to find their desired how to tutorials and they might become your great fans.

9. Create Gameplay Video that You Like

You may like many of the games of your choice as a girl. Many girls look for gameplay videos on YouTube to know how to play the particular game.

You can set the camera in front of your PC screen and play your favorite game expertly. Eventually, you can publish it on your YouTube channel. It will get a huge response from your subscribers.

Starting ​a Youtube gaming channel may well be the best decision you ever make!

10. Make Drawing Tutorials

Is making drawing your favorite leisure time work? Don’t just keep it on a paper in the real world. Spread your drawing skills to the virtual world via your YouTube channel.

You can make a drawing in front of the camera and also describe it how to draw that easily. It will help your subscribers to learn the drawing technique from you over the internet. Certainly, you will get a lot of admiration from your followers.

11. Dress Collection

Are you a great collector of exclusive design dresses? Then let people know what you have in your cart. Make a video showing your exclusive and adorable design dresses to the people and publish it on your channel.

If you can present the dresses nicely, it may inspire them to follow your collection and you will get a great response and it’s one of creative YouTube video ideas. you can also collect sunglasses too

12. Make Video on Your Favorite Outfits

As a girl, you have own choice of outfits according to different times. You can express your preferable and favorite choice to the people of the whole world by making a video on it.

Finally, publish it on your channel to let people know what you prefer to wear on different occasions.

13. Book Review

Do you read books regularly? Then this suggestion is for you. You can make videos by reviewing your read books and inspire people to collect the book and acquire knowledge by reading it.

Also, book reviews are much preferable to many of the people all over the globe and its best video ideas for girls

14. Movie Review

Are you a movie freak? Then this video making idea is for you. As being a movie freak you may watch many movies have a broad idea about movies.

Also, you can understand every inch and corner of the movies. So, start creating videos reviewing movies and let people watch this visiting on your channel.

15. Gardening Tutorial Video

Is your hobby is gardening? For this reason, you might a great knowledge on gardening. For this reason, you can make videos advising other people how they can start gardening and look after their garden. If your video would very helpful to them, you will get a huge amount of your fans.

16. Motivational Speaking for Girls

Many girls may become hopeless in their life. If you are able to deliver motivational words, don’t keep it inside yourself. Create videos delivering the motivational words in front of the camera and publish it on your channel.

17. Workout Video

Workout  videos idea on of the best Youtube video idea for girls If you are conscious of your fitness, you might do a workout on a regular basis.

Don’t just do that your own. Let the girls on YouTube watch your workout. Make a video of your fitness works and inspire them to do so to keep themselves healthy.i thinks this is best funny video ideas

18. Skill Show-off Video

Have you many hidden skills that people don’t know. Time not to hide it. Express yourself in front of the virtual world. Show your skills in front of the camera and make a video.

Afterward, upload it on your YouTube channel. If your skills amaze the people you will get a good response.

19. Music Related Video

Are you good at music? Have you the capability to play different musical instruments? Also, can you cover famous songs or can you compose songs and sing them?

If you have this talent, do it setting a camera in front of you and make a video. Certainly, you will get a good response from your fans.

20. Gift Guide Video

Many girls get confused about what gift they should give to their lovable person on different occasions. If you have a good idea on that, make videos providing a quality guide of gifts for the various occasion.

It will be helpful for many people and you will get admiration from the people all over the world.

From the number of ideas mentioned above, you might have discovered your capability. Also, you have identified on what topic you are making a video to get started on YouTube being a girl. Hope, this article will inspire you to start YouTubing and get famous on YouTube. Go, girls.