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20 YouTube Video Ideas for One Person

YouTube is now a great video sharing website in the world. People share different types of videos on various topics on the YouTube.

If you are planning to share your videos on YouTube, you have to open a channel there and publish your videos there. 

Then people all over the world can watch your videos online. But you might get confused on what topic you should make videos.

In this article, we will provide you some great YouTube video ideas for one person on which you can work and make exceptional videos.

Many of you have great talent on various things.

But you don’t get the idea on what vlog topic you can use to make videos and publish it on YouTube to get a good response from the people.

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For the purpose of helping you out of this situation and provide you some great YouTubing ideas, we have a good list of ideas of YouTube videos that you can make single-handedly.

Let’s have a look at the list of YouTube video ideas and dig into yourself and become a great Youtuber.

YouTube Video Ideas for One Person

1. Introduction Video

If you are starting a channel on YouTube, firstly you should make a video introducing yourself. In this video, you should talk about yourself.

Besides, you should also talk about the videos that you will make in your channel. Also, make people know about your plan. Moreover, if you have any business, provide a full acknowledgment to the people.

Actually, it is the most important video in your channel which many YouTubers forget to make as the users will firstly check out this type of introductory video to know about your channel.

2. Make How To Tutorial Videos

Many of the people on the internet look for videos like how to do something. If you make videos of how to tutorials providing visual direction on doing something, this can help you get a lot of fans of your channel.

Your videos should have straightforward points. Also, the instructions you give in your tutorials should easily be followed by your fans.

There are many videos ideas on How to tutorials such as essential life hacks, software-based works, cleaning, making something or other things that you know well.

3. Educational PowerPoint Videos

You can also turn your power point slides containing different educational topics into videos.

If your educational slides are helpful to the student who frequently searches for such kind of videos on YouTube, you can have them as your loyal fans.

4. Review of a Product

A product review can be a great topic to make a video on it. Many people want to know about the features of a product and also they want to check it out visually before buying it from the market.

Make videos by reviewing different products will help many people by showing the functionality of the product visually on the video.

Your quality review videos can get you lot of subscribers of your channel.

5. Make Slideshow of your Memorable Events

You may have many funny and sweetest moments in your life. Also, you may have adventurous moments.

All you can do is just you can make bind all your memories in a slideshow and make a video on it.

You can add sweet musical effect or song with the slideshow to make an amazing video. Certainly, people will love that.

6. Parody Videos

If you have the ability to imitate famous people or movie characters, you can make parody videos imitating them with funny words or the original words.

Also, if you can make a parody of popular songs using funny lyrics that will be very much lovable to your fans. 

Many people want such kind of funny parody videos over the internet nowadays. So, if you have the caliber, try this idea.

7. Prank Videos

Prank videos have got a huge response on YouTube. As people get really great entertainment from it and get some moments for laughing, people love this kind of videos.

But before putting such kind of prank videos, you must seek the permission of the person with whom you pranked.

8. Interesting Facts Videos

If you have knowledge of different interesting facts on various topics, you can make videos providing information on the interesting facts. You can make good research on these facts to find these out also. 

As people love to know wondrous and interesting things, you can grab the opportunity.

Certainly, people will love your video if you can make it with good presentation and real information. and it’s one of the best YouTube video idea for one person 

9. Song Videos

If you have the caliber to sing a song or ability to play various musical instruments, you can make videos on it.

As we can see, there are a lot of covers of many famous songs on YouTube by many people.

If your song or instrumental can touch the heart of the people, you can have a lot of subscribers and your admirers also.

10. Tips and Tricks Videos

There are many things that we use normally in our daily life. But there might be hidden tricks with it. If you have found out those hidden tricks, make a video on that. Also, there might be some tips on using those things.

Besides, the tips video can also be on other topics like budgeting. Make videos containing tips and tricks on YouTube. These helpful videos will be admirable to your subscribers.

11. Travel Vlogs

You may go on many tours. You can make videos sharing your experience, your adventures, views of nature and so on.

These type of travel vlog will help the people to know about the different traveling place. Travel vlog is very much praiseworthy to many people and are extremely good Youtube ideas for girls.

12. Cooking

If you are expert in cooking different types of normal or exceptional dishes, you can grab this opportunity.

You can make videos by cooking those foods in front of the ​Youtu​be camera and share it with the people on your YouTube channel.

13. Funny Baby or Animal Videos

Babies are lovable to people. Babies sometimes act very funny and give us some moments to laugh. Besides, if you have pet animals, you can see that they sometimes do something that is really funny.

You can also get funny animal videos outside your house too. You can capture this funny baby or animal videos on your vlog camera and share it on your channel. Certainly, you will get a good response.

14. Movie & Book Reviews

You can also make videos by reviewing movies by providing the information on the movie.

Also, there are famous books on which you can make review videos. This type of highly informative movie and book reviews are admirable to the subscribers.

15. Make Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are very important to the people who wants to learn different things on the internet. So, if you are good at a topic, make tutorial videos on them.

This will help a lot of people. If your tutorials are really helpful, you will get a huge response and lot of fans of yourself.

16. Workout Videos

People used to learn from others. If you work out regularly to keep your body fit, you can share your workout videos on your YouTube channel.

These videos can be motivational for many people on YouTube and can get you lot of fans.

17. Magic Tricks

If you are good at showing your magic skills to people. Don’t miss this opportunity. Don’t just show this magic tricks to the real world people. Spread it to the virtual world also.

Make videos showing you magic tricks and publish it on your channel. It will show your talent to people all over the world on the internet and get you a lot of admirers.

18. Motivational Speaking Videos

Many people lose hope in their life and roam aimlessly over the internet all the day. If you have a good speaking capability and deliver motivational words, you can certainly make videos containing motivational words.

Your motivational speaking in front of the camera may motivate many people and help them to set a goal in their life.

19. Create Videos Showing Your Skills

You may have skills on different things like bike or cycle stunt, skating, ice skating. Also, you may have skills on playing a musical instrument or other different things.

Don’t just put it in yourself. Spread your skills all over the globe via YouTube. Make videos showing your skills in front of the camera. Surely, you will get a good response.

20. Make a Gameplay Video

If you are good at playing games, you can make gameplay videos. Just place the camera in front of your PC and play your game, that is all it takes to how you start a Youtube Gaming Channel.

Eventually, publish it on your channel. People will get a broad sense of the gameplay by watching your gameplay and it will help them a lot.

​Lastly, we may say that the ideas mentioned above will help you a lot to identify what talent you have and on what topic you should make a YouTube video.

By reading this article, you will certainly find an idea on which you can make a video and execute it properly and publish it on your YouTube channel.

Hope, you will get a good response on YouTube and popular to many people all over the world.